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Sunrise brief: California renters will now have access to community solar

Also on the rise: More solar backsheets to be made in America. Why did I reform my views on Net Energy Metering (NEM)? And more.

The mobility rEVolution: Zero-cobalt cathode for highly stable lithium-ion batteries

U.S. researchers say they have developed a way to make cobalt-free lithium-ion battery cathodes, while Ford says it has broken ground on a new $5.6 billion production complex for electric vehicles and batteries.


Sunrise brief: Panasonic presents 22.2% efficient all-black heterojunction solar module compatible with its EverVolt battery

Also on the rise: BlueWave Solar is committed to integrating Environmental Social Governance throughout development of dual-use solar projects. Net metering reforms in the U.S. are a missed opportunity to harness residential battery storage, argue researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. And more.

U.S. startup unveils 5 kW solar canopy for EV charging

Paired Power said its new 5 kW solar canopy measures 10.5 feet by 16.4 feet by 12.13 feet and can host up to 10 bifacial solar panels. It can be used in on-grid or off-grid modes and can be paired with lithium-ion battery storage systems up to 40 kWh in size.

Yotta Energy unveils solar and storage microinverter and EV charging products

The Austin-based company is releasing a microinverter for commercial solar and storage applications, a line of commercial EV chargers, and a solar-powered EV charging station.

RE+ announces three new co-located clean energy events

The Center for Transportation and the Environment, the Center for Hydrogen Safety, and Idaho National Laboratory will be hosting events at RE+ 2022 in Anaheim California.

Sunrise brief: Agrivoltaics co-locates solar and agriculture, yielding mutual benefit

Also on the rise: Bi-directional charging approved for Nissan LEAF in the U.S.  PVH to open solar tracker manufacturing plant in Texas. And more.

Bi-directional charging approved for Nissan LEAF in the U.S.

The Fermata Energy FE-15 charger passed key requirements from Nissan and is now verified to be compatible with the Nissan LEAF and available for fleets.


Fully operational residential microgrid will help power exhibits at RE+

One of the features on the show floor at RE+ will be a live demonstration of an operational hybrid, bi-directional microgrid.

Sunrise brief: The IRA won’t solve all of our energy issues 

Also on the rise: A look at solar incentives in the State of Virginia. Toyota to invest $2.5 billion to expand battery manufacturing in North Carolina. And more.

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