EcoFlow battery generator can back up a house for up to a month


This week at CES 2024 EcoFlow is launching its Delta Pro Ultra, a smart hybrid whole-house battery generator and backup system.

EcoFlow reports that the generator and backup system was recognized as an honoree in the 2024 CES Innovation Awards, an annual competition that honors outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

The Delta Pro Ultra is designed for use during power outages or as a daily backup system. A single Delta unit offers 6 kWh, 7200 W output and 5.6 kW of solar input, and multiple units can be stacked for additional storage. EcoFlow reports that it is compatible with a variety of energy sources, including solar and gas.

The Delta Pro Ultra integrates with both existing rooftop solar systems and flexible solar panels, the company says, featuring solar input from 5.6 kW up to 16.8 kW.  It offers uninterrupted power switchover for devices directly connected to the inverter.

For whole-home switchover, in the event of a power outage, it can switch over automatically when paired with Smart Home Panel 2. The inverter features EcoFlow’s patented X-Cooling technology that uses a heat- dissipating system that can double the efficiency, reduce noise and extend component lifespan, according to EcoFlow.

“In the face of increasing energy insecurity due to grid failures and extreme weather, we have developed DELTA Pro Ultra along with Smart Home Panel 2 to address these challenges,” said Brian Essenmacher, EcoFlow’s head of North American business development. “We aim to empower individuals with the freedom to choose the best power solutions in daily use for their households and give them peace of mind during power outages.”

With 7200 W output, a single unit can run your entire home, EcoFlow reports, including HVAC systems. When combined with EcoFlow’s new Smart Home Panel 2, the system can be scaled up to 21.6 kW of output, enough to power the largest, most-demanding households.

Its EV-grade lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP)  battery chemistry is designed for over 10 years of daily use, with 3,500 discharge cycles before reaching 80% of original capacity.

An intelligent Storm Guard feature, powered by Weatherbit, automatically monitors weather systems to prioritize power backup in case of storm.

The battery measures 26 by 18 by 8 inches and weighs just over 116 pounds. The inverter measures 27.2 by 18.9 by 8.42 and weighs 70 pounds. The distribution panel measures 24.8 by 14.9 by 6.7 and weighs 39.7 pounds.

Delta Pro Ultra is available on the EcoFlow website for $4999 (inverter and battery). The Smart Home Panel 2 is $1599, or as a bundled package with Delta Pro Ultra for $6399 until February 9. After that date, prices are $5799 for Delta Pro Ultra, $1899 for Smart Home Panel 2 and $7499 for the Delta Pro Ultra bundle.

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