Highlights from the #Solar100 at SPI 2019


Now for the second year at Solar Power International, attendees and #Solar100 Leaders were invited to nominate “Next Interviews” and “New Entrants” to the #Solar100. Below are select highlights.

Stay tuned for additions to the #Solar100 and new interviews on pv magazine USA.

New Entrant Nomination Highlights

  • “Ugwem Eneyo the Matt Rogers of Emerging Markets” by #Solar100’s Emily Kirsch
  • “Jessie Robbins the Lindsey Vonn of Solar Finance” nominated by #Solar100’s Zadie Oleksiw
  • “Brett Isaac the Steve Jobs of Navajo Power,” “Andrew Birch the Uncle Numbers of Solar,” and “The Sunlight & Power Team the Worker Ownership Pioneers of California Solar” by #Solar100’s Danny Kennedy
  • “Sara Baldwin the Future FERC Chairperson of Solar” and “Nicole Steele the Elizabeth Warren of Low-Income Solar” by #Solar100’s Meghan Nutting
  • “Justin Hoysradt the Ari Gold of Solar” by #Solar100’s Tor Valenza
  • “Laura Taylor the Olivia Pope of Solar Communications” by #Solar100’s Tom Weirich
  • “Brandy Hyatt the Rising Star of Access and Equality,” “Will Kenworthy the Reg Master of the Midwest,” and “Pari Kasotia the Maven of the Mid-Atlantic” by #Solar100’s Adam Browning
  • “Emma Foehringer Merchant the Christiane Amanpour of Energy and Climate Reporting” and “Marc Pangburn the Ashton Kutcher of Climate Change Solutions” by Hao Shen
  • “Kristen Ardani the Jane Goodall of Solar Policy and Research” by Candice Yu
  • “Scott Elias the Solar Education Wizard of SEIA” by Claire August
  • “Randy Corey the Bob the Builder of Solar” by Jason Kaminsky
  • “Jim Spano the Iconoclast of Solar Finance” by Lisa Nash and Jared Blanton
  • “Liz Ramsay Dalton the Job Czar of Clean Energy Workforce” by Lauren Glickman
  • “Lauren Glickman the Kevin Bacon of Renewable Energy” by Gil Jenkins

Next Interview Highlights

  • “Adam Browning the Trust Buster of Solar” by #Solar100’s Tom Matzzie
  •  Abby Hopper, Justin Guay, and Vikram Aggrawal by #Solar100’s Jigar Shah
  • “Tom Matzzie the David Axelrod of Solar” by #Solar100’s Yann Brandt
  • “Julia Hamm the Wonder Woman of the Smart Grid” by #Solar100’s Jennifer Runyon
  • “Russell Gold the Storyteller of Solar’s Future” by #Solar100’s Elias Hinckley
  • “Ben Inskeep the Conscience of the Midwest” by #Solar100’s Adam Browning
  • “Yoni Cohen the Biz Dev Guru of Solar’s Future” by #Solar100’s Tom Weirich
  • “Tom Cheyney the Harrison Ford of Solar PR” by #Solar100’s Deborah Knuckey
  • “Tom Weirich the Ryan Seacrest of Solar Media” by Dara Conroy