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Guest Post

Rallying for the ‘Solar+ Decade’

With energy challenges abounding, PV has emerged as a crucial part of the solution – building resiliency, creating jobs, and cutting emissions. In pursuit of energy markets and a system that embraces these features, Solar Energy Industries Association CEO Abigail Ross Hopper is advocating for more stable trade and policy settings, in order to facilitate the expansion of PV, in line with its “Solar+ Decade” goals.

Solar Resilience: Keeping communities connected

Distributed solar energy systems can play an important role in increasing the resilience of the nation’s grid.

Real barriers to virtual power plants

The technology is available for virtual power plants to be rolled out across the United States, argues Jigar Shah, the director of the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office. Their implementation would result in a cascade of benefits, including extending the adoption of distributed energy resources like rooftop PV and lowering electricity costs for consumers.


Netting true value from batteries

Net metering reforms in the U.S. are a missed opportunity to harness residential battery storage, argue researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Compensation rules for residential rooftop solar are evolving toward a model that encourages customers to use battery storage to maximize solar self-consumption. However, is this a good thing? Galen Barbose, Sydney P. Forrester, and Chandler Miller investigate.


Investing in uncertain times: Evaluating the solar supply chain

Industry insights on how the new source of long-term economic support from the IRA might impact business risk, investment, and M&A trends within the domestic solar manufacturing industry.


With solar deployment poised for growth, metal roofing can streamline solar installations

Metal roofing is the only roof type with a service life that exceeds the service life of a solar PV system.


The IRA won’t solve all of our energy issues

Texas solar owners still have to give their energy away at discounted rates


The growing demand for automation in demand response

Where do you find yourself in the pursuit and support of a wind and solar power grid?


Metal roofing: The perfect platform for solar PV

Metal roofing has become a driver for roof type selection in many cases because not only is a metal/solar roof system less expensive upfront than other roof system combinations, but it also leads to improvements in the lifetime return on investment of the system.


Catalyzing solar in the US: a manufacturer’s perspective

The Inflation Reduction Act, if signed into law, will provide important incentives that we expect will catalyze significant investment in US solar manufacturing, facilitate the creation of a stable domestic solar supply chain, and allow the US to aggressively pursue the decarbonization of its economy with less reliance on imported solar products.