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Guest Post

Mindful action is needed to increase Hispanic inclusion in solar energy

We need multiple strategies to ensure Hispanic and other minority communities benefit from and are involved in shaping how energy is built and used.

Competition is the sunshine that solar (and storage) need

For the residential solar industry in the U.S. to grow, the field of technological innovation and solution diversity must grow beyond the current market share.

The world’s largest solar parks

In the third of a series of four blogs, solar pioneer Philip Wolfe lists the world’s largest solar parks, defined as a group of co-located solar power plants.

The world’s largest solar power plants

In his second article, Philip Wolfe founder of Wiki-Solar, lists the world’s largest individual solar PV power plants. The biggest solar parks and other clusters of plants will be named in subsequent articles.


Making sense of the trade triple-threat to solar

A trio of trade-based issues will likely impact most solar sector players. It’s crucial to understand and track what’s going on.

Solar developers beware: Congress could revoke a key tax credit provision

An otherwise pro-renewables bill in Congress would repeal a key policy that has underpinned large-scale solar development. Up to now, few solar developers have been aware of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The world’s largest solar power stations

In a series of articles pv magazine identifies the largest solar power stations operating in the world today. Here, we look at the largest stations in 2019.


Green roofs can boost solar panel efficiency, study finds

The improvements are believed to stem from lower temperatures on the green roof.

Lagunitas Brewery serves up solar-brewed beers

In this case study, LG solar takes a deep dive on the company’s work with Lagunitas Brewery, showing the struggles overcome and the innovation needed to deliver the best beer the sun can brew.


Vehicle-to-grid inches closer to reality, but barriers remain

V2G tech could offer low-cost energy storage at a huge scale, but many barriers must be overcome.