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Guest Post

How AI can contribute to environmental sustainability

Artificial intelligence models can be used during the solar pre-construction planning and design process, as well as afterwards to help with monitoring, weather forecasting, predictive maintenance and more.

Specialized EPC contractors key to smaller community solar projects

Innovative financing models and supportive policies are needed to make community solar financially viable and attractive to investors.

Making the case for concentrated solar power

Dismissed by many in the solar industry as an overly complex, outdated technology, concentrated solar power (CSP) is set for a comeback thanks to a scaled-down, modular approach.

Pre-fabricated and customized wire management systems provide a competitive advantage

Solar wiring that integrates easily in the field can simplify installation, enhance both quality and longevity, and improve overall project efficiency.

A new twist on thermal storage

PowerPanel offers a PV and thermal storage solution that combines simple, safe and easy to manage hot water with advanced thermoplastic technology and architecture.

The expanding commercial solar PPA landscape

Industry experts share their insight on the state of the commercial and industrial power purchase agreement and best practices for executing successful deals.

The fate of the solar industry hinges on better data gathering and predictions

Advancements in remote measurement can help solar companies to bypass inefficient and error-prone site visits to measure and record roof dimensions, azimuth, pitch, and localized shading at a given site in a more consistent and repeatable manner

Environmental lifecycle assessment of PERC solar modules

IEA PVPS Task 12 analyzes the environmental impact of passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology in PV installations in comparison to the monocrystalline silicon technology (AI-BSF) and the trend towards installing horizontal single-axis tracker systems as opposed to fixed tilt systems.

Solar panel production is struggling to stay clear of forced labor

As necessary materials from outside China remain scarce, producers struggle to meet UFLPA compliance.

Reshaping the solar landscape with aerial imagery

Aerial imagery provides location intelligence, offering detailed insights that reveal everything from subtle shading patterns to potential obstacles, empowering engineers to design solar farms with laser-sharp precision.

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