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Guest Post

Senator Schumer: Prioritize sweeping clean energy legislation 

Passing the climate and clean energy jobs provisions of Build Back Better is our best chance to achieve the necessary reductions and avert climate disaster; we simply cannot wait any longer.


As EVs drive off with Li-Ion supply, the push to stationary storage alternatives accelerates

Once seen as synonymous with renewable batteries, stationary Li-ion faces strong headwinds due to rapidly accelerating demand from the automotive sector as EVs capture the mainstream.


Benefits to affordability of virtual power plants

In this week’s look at virtual power plants, Jigar Shah explains their potential to further energy affordability – from participation in demand flexibility programs to the more efficient use of grid infrastructure and the deployment of ever cheaper renewable resources VPPs can enable.

Achieving a zero-carbon grid: opportunities in virtual power plants

Jigar Shah reflects on the challenges that come with achieving a zero-carbon electric grid and how the emerging technology of the Virtual Power Plant, or VPP, can turn those challenges into opportunities for all Americans.


Our nation’s renewables goals are at risk; the US Commerce Department must reject the latest tariff petition

The Commerce Department has the choice to move forward with a baseless petition that will result in massive job losses and set back our clean energy goals or fix its mistake by immediately issuing a negative preliminary determination — speed is of the essence.


Solar investments are scaling up, but inefficient O&M is weighing them down

While costs are everything in the solar industry, sourcing the cheapest O&M contract possible is a dangerous game and such short-sighted sacrifices often end up costing asset owners more in the long run.


Making sense of solar supply chain issues

From duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a look at the supply chain issues threatening the solar module supply market.

Reclaiming power as a buyer in a tight PV module market

Material shortages, trade restrictions, and shipping bottlenecks create challenges for PV module buyers, but the good news is that there are steps to take to ensure quality and timely supply.

Financing battery storage: Navigating a maturing market

At a recent power finance conference in New York, experts discussed the growing opportunities for installing storage projects, as well as considerations for where the storage markets need to mature to make them more financeable.

Key cybersecurity considerations for renewable energy plant operators in 2022

As global markets transition toward more renewable energy sources, cyber hackers will look for ways to exploit those resources. Cybersecurity is now a business imperative.


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