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Guest Post

An energy strategy worthy of Texas

Going it alone with the ERCOT market as currently structured and regulated has been tested and found inadequate, writes a former state utility regulator. “Texas should not waste this crisis.”

The Texas blackout is a man-made disaster of epic proportions

The ERCOT market has served Texans well, producing low energy costs and the nation’s leading market for renewable energy. This same system also failed the state’s residents and businesses spectacularly in a moment of great need.


Military veterans are poised to help lead record solar growth

The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship program offers a pathway to connect solar companies with military veterans.

Four key solar market trends from 2020

Data firm REsurety identifies four trends that illustrate how solar power markets performed in 2020.


A look inside Rhode Island’s most successful solar incentive program

The REGRowth program lets owner/occupants produce as much solar as the roof can support, with 100% of the energy sold to the power grid. John Weaver says the program should be a model for the nation.

Boosting bifacial panel efficiency with albedo ground covers: Field test results

Tests by 7X Energy show that ground cover material showed promise, but projects will likely still need to prove the long-term durability, degradation rates, and validation of installation labor and O&M.


Why module cleaning makes all the difference

The regular cleaning of solar modules results is optimized power output and protects installations against costly failures. There are multiple approaches to module cleaning, both low-and-high tech. Pol Duthoit from SolarCleano sets out the need and the options.


Puerto Rico awaits first procurements to add 3.75 GW solar, 1.5 GW storage

Puerto Rico regulators ordered the utility PREPA to procure solar and storage, although the utility’s board chairman says the island’s grid can support only a fraction of the mandated amount.

A no-brainer for U.S. job creation: Update solar permitting and inspections

Solar is big enough now that its soft costs are a real drag on local economic activity. Soft costs in the U.S. defy the example of other countries that install solar at one-third the cost because of how the steps that drive soft costs have been structured.


Low solar costs are bringing new customers to the market. We need to treat them fairly

With solar energy more accessible than ever before, the industry has a responsibility towards new customers to steward them to the solution that delivers the best value and reliability.

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