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Guest Post

Utility-scale solar opportunities and risks in a post IRA environment

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is not an eat-all-you-can feast for developers.


Town recoups $2.3 million in back taxes with solar on a landfill

CEP Renewables installs nearly 60,000 solar panels on former municipal landfill, transitioning previously unusable land into revenue-generating, clean energy asset.

Best practices and guiding strategies for playing the solar procurement game

The solar module buying journey is anything but predictable.

Duke Energy carbon plan sells ratepayers short

By unreasonably limiting Duke’s near-term procurement of clean, low-cost solar resources, the Commission’s order will increase costs for ratepayers and delay reductions in Duke’s carbon emissions.

How the IRA persuaded a Jordanian solar firm to invest in the U.S.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) opened a new door for solar manufacturers, as one of the executives behind a Philadelphia Solar to bring PV production to the U.S. explains.

Women of clean energy honored with C3E Awards

By raising the visibility of role models for women in clean energy, the C3E Initiative is helping to attract more women to the field. Read about this year’s winners of the C3E Awards.


The U.S commerce department must reverse its misguided solar tariff decision 

The U.S. can play a big role in lowering carbon emissions, but to achieve our country’s climate goals we must deploy 70 GW of solar a year for the next few years. 


The clock is ticking on the IRA’s prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements

Developers and contractors should create and implement compliance programs to ensure appropriate record-keeping to substantiate their payment of prevailing wages and use of appropriate apprenticeship programs.


Don’t let the solar lights go out in California

California deserves its shining reputation as an incubator of innovative environmental policies that protect our planet. But the Golden State is now at risk of dimming its own success.


Next-generation factories promise a brighter future for solar manufacturing

The digital transformation of scalable and cost-effective solar manufacturing is key to enabling the anticipated growth in clean energy alternatives.

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