Stion & Powerway install trackers at Tulare, CA PV plant


Powerway, which is based in China’s Guandong province, offers its horizontal single-axis tracking system for large-scale solar projects in low latitude areas. The drive system uses a maintenance-free rotary reducer supported by a stable, precise control system, and it adjusts the rotation angle of the solar array so that it automatically follows the sun.

To adapt to different site situations, PowerTracker offers both linked-drive and individual-drive tracking systems. This allows the owner to optimize the Ground Coverage Ratio and save on land costs, with installation on slopes up to 10 degrees. PowerTracker is pre-assembled for rapid installation.

In August, Powerway partnered with EPC Steelcons in Brazil to develop single axis tracker business. Steelcons has been working to develop a PV plant in Ceara state with capacity up to 90 MW. Steelcons was also said last year to be prepared to ink a deal with Huawei to jointly develop three PV projects in Brazil, each with 30 MW capacity, with a completion date of late 2018.

In 2015, Powerway announced that its trackers would be used in Sandylon Investments planned $142 million tracker plant in Tocantins state, Brazil, with up to 90 MW of capacity. Sandylon Investment claims to have a 300 MW PV project pipeline that will feature the PowerTracker.

Among Powerway’s largest projects was the 100 MW Quaid e Azam Solar Power IPP project in Pakistan, which was financed by the Bank of Punjab, Powerway indicates.