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RBI goes more vertical with Solar BOS

The combination of these companies offerings shows that one plus one sometimes equals three.

Axsus Solar launches first tracker

Canadian start-up Axsus has launched its first tracker, which reduces metal content by 25%.


LG’s back-contact PV module is now available

LG unveiled both a new high-power 365W, 60-cell residential module, and a new AC module with an Enphase microinverter and wifi communications on board.

Fronius launches first inverter with telecom-based shutdown command

The new inverter will cut both hard and soft costs while complying with new NEC code system shut-down requirements set for January.

Solar installation quality can be illusive

Cadmus Group is working to standardize PV installation inspections and is building a database of common installation errors.

Solar quality assurance working group forms at SEIA

A new working group on solar quality assurance has been formed at the national solar organization and it will release an updated Best Practices Installation guide at the Solar Power International trade show.

Wire management aims for longevity

Better conductor protection materials are helping to extend wire management products to 25-year lifetimes.

Inverter quality and warranties more important to owners

The demand for high quality inverters has led all but the shortest-outlook equipment purchasers to move into Tier 1, in large part because of the more solid warranty offered.

Boviet launches three new PERC modules at InterSolar in San Francisco

The Vietnam-based solar manufacturer unveiled three new PERC solar modules at the Intersolar North America show this week in San Francisco. The new lineup includes a 355W 72-cell module, a 290W 60-cell module, and a 300W 60-cell smart module.

LG, Enphase roll out microinverter-enabled AC module

LG Electronics and Enphase have jointly unveiled the new NeON 2 ACe AC module integrated with an IQ AC microinverter at the Intersolar North America trade show in San Francisco. 

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