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Global battery pipeline reaches 3.4 GW in Q1

Latest data from market analysts IHS Markit reveals a utility-scale global battery storage pipeline of 3.4 GW, but the U.S. market is expected to slow as completions outpace new announcements.

Solar represented 13% of California’s power in 2016

One in eight electrons generated at a facility in California came from a solar panel, according to data from the U.S. Department of Energy.

SEPA, SGIP consummate marriage

After announcing their engagement in February, the Smart Electric Power Alliance and SGIP completed their merger today, providing a one-stop shop for utilities and distributed energy providers to collaborate on a clean energy future.

Can solar and wind take a page from oil and gas?

A new report from Columbia University suggests some oil and gas industry financing approaches could be applied to the solar and wind industries.

Sisyphus had nothing on Boulder/Xcel solar deal

For nearly 10 years, the city of Boulder, Colorado, has been pushing to free itself from Xcel Energy and create a municipal utility, and Xcel has pushed back. But an end to the dispute may finally be in sight.

CIT leads 50 MW battery storage finance for SCE

CIT, Macquarie Capital and Advanced Microgrid Solutions have closed what they call the first non-recourse project financing of a battery storage system, destined for the West Los Angeles Basin service territory of Southern California Edison (SCE).

BREAKING: Unsecured creditors challenge SunEdison settlement

In the seemingly unending saga that is the bankruptcy of SunEdison, its official committee of unsecured creditors filed objections to the plans to sell its shares in its two yieldcos, TerraForm Power and TerraForm Global.

Two bills show Missouri’s solar split personality

The “Show Me” state is showing the enormous rift between legislators that want solar to flourish in the state and those who want to try to strangle the rooftop-solar industry before it can grow.

Bill Seitz is back, still trying to kill solar in Ohio

Former Ohio State Sen. Bill Seitz, now freshly minted Rep. Bill Seitz, is still doggedly trying to kill the solar industry in the state by making its already-miniscule renewable-portfolio standard (RPS) optional for the state’s utilities.

NREL: Solar + storage costs twice as much as solar (with chart)

The National Lab’s latest report uses its renowned cost modeling to find that even a PV system with small batteries costs nearly twice as much as a standalone PV system.


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