The duck curve comes to New England

In late April, daytime net demand fell below overnight power consumption for the first time on the New England grid, thanks to rooftop and other behind-the-meter solar.


Utilities weaken distributed solar power with policy wins

Utilities have been trying to dismantle net metering and/or wreck the economics of customer-sited solar for years. In the first quarter of 2018, they saw some significant victories.


Attempt to reverse LePage solar policy veto fails (again) in Maine

The second attempt to overturn the idiosyncratic governor’s veto of a solar policy fix has again failed by two votes.

Maine House fails to overturn LePage veto of solar policy fix

The Maine House fell two votes short of overturning Governor LePage’s veto of a bill that would have preserved key aspects of net metering in the state. However, the measure will be reconsidered on Monday.

Maine House passes solar policy fix

The bill also increases the potential number of subscribers at community solar installations to 50. But with Governor LePage expected to veto the bill, the fight has just begun.

Maine Senate fights back with bill to fix solar policies

A bill which would return an essential feature of the state’s net metering policy has passed the Maine Senate, but has a long road ahead of it.


Maine to dismantle net metering six weeks earlier than expected

Solar installers and advocates are stunned that they now only have three weeks to install systems for homeowners before their customers are hit with new, less generous net metering rules.

Pro-solar protestors arrested in Maine

Quaker Meetings, in conjunction with Speak Truth To CMP, staged a protest at Central Maine Power’s headquarters to protest what it calls the utility’s attempts to undermine solar in the state.

Resistance to LePage’s solar policies grows in Maine

Environmental groups are pushing back on both the dismantling of net metering and increased interconnection fees on solar owners, in the courts and in public hearings.

Maine net metering dismantling pushed back to May

Local advocates blasted the program and state regulators, calling on lawmakers to use the opportunity to repeal the rule.

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