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Sunrise brief: New platform vets residential solar salespeople

Also on the rise: Siting solar projects for best environmental results. Top solar panel brands in reliability, quality, and performance. And more.

Maine may design a distribution system operator to advance distributed energy resources

Maine has hired a consulting firm to evaluate whether forming a distribution system operator could speed deployment of distributed energy resources and support other state goals. Consultants are reviewing how the approach is used in five other countries.

50 states of grid modernization

North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center’s recent report looks at how states are doing with legislative and regulatory action related to shoring up the power grid.

Sunrise brief: Arizona proposes solar power export tax

Also on the rise: Solar power purchase agreement prices rise 15% year-over-year. Maine blueberry grower goes solar. And more.

Maine blueberry grower goes solar

ReVision Energy is the installer and REC Solar the investor of the project that is expected to generate 8.5 GWh of clean energy in the first year of operation, offsetting an estimated 8 million pounds of carbon every year, or the equivalent of planting 60,735 trees.

Sunrise brief: California to grant $52 million for vehicle-to-grid home energy stations

Also on the rise: EcoFlow battery generator can back up a house for up to a month. Nautilus invests in community solar in the Midwest. And more.

Plus Power to construct 175 MW / 350 MWh energy storage in Maine

The Cross Town project will add 175 MW of storage to New England’s grid while helping to ensure Maine meets its 2030 and 2050 decarbonization goals.

Small town in Maine bans commercial solar

The township of Moscow, Maine, home to just over 500 residents, banned all commercial solar installations greater than 40 kW within town limits.


Oscilla Power deploys ocean wave energy converter prototype

Floating in the oceans of coastal Maine is a 1/6 scale model of the company’s 1 MW floating device that converts wave energy into electricity.

Sunrise brief: Maine residents vote against creating new utility

Also on the rise: U.S. solar electricity generation to surpass hydropower in 2024. China expected to dominate solar manufacturing through 2026. And more.

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