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Illinois clean energy bill nears finish line, industry applauds

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is a governor’s signature away from setting Illinois on an expected path toward 100% clean energy by 2050.

Illinois House passes clean energy bill with some big solar wins

The bill includes an immediate re-start of solar incentives through the Adjustable Block Program, potentially protecting thousands of solar jobs across the state.

Illinois Q2 residential solar installations are down nearly 90% compared to 2020

Just 313 small rooftop solar projects were completed statewide in Q2 2021, compared to 2,908 a year earlier, as the state remains in a perilous solar incentive limbo.


Illinois HOA sues residents over solar system

The Orchards community in Bellville Illinois is suing the Bassler family for an installation that the association alleges violates established solar guidelines.


Who is working against distributed solar: State campaigns in the Midwest and West

A new report explores who is behind efforts to curb distributed energy and solar deployment. In this part, we look at the report’s investigation of state-level campaigns focused on the Midwest and West.

Working groups reach impasse on Illinois’ clean energy future

Accusations of bad faith negotiating and goalpost-moving have taken center stage as the state’s stalled solar industry watches from afar.

Illinois reduces power HOAs have over distributed solar projects

Community associations can no longer determine where an installation goes and have to rule on all applications within 75 days of filing, thanks to the passage of HB 644.

Hacker group REvil claims responsibility for Invenergy data breach

The group says it downloaded 4 terabytes of “sensitive” project information including contracts and NDAs.


A cliff-hanger as Illinois edges closer to passing desperately needed energy legislation

J.B. Pritzker’s Consumers and Climate First Act has taken center stage, with renewable advocates desperately trying to pass some sort of legislation before the state’s solar market is damaged beyond repair.


Solar Alliance to develop 56 MW data center solar project

The project could expand to 150 MW, as part of Solar Alliance Energy’s second venture with Green Data Centers.