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Net Metering

Sunrise brief: U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

Also on the rise: Shoals to invest $80 million in Tennessee manufacturing expansion. Beaming radio frequency solar power from space. And more.

U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

The 18th edition of the EnergySage Marketplace Report finds the residential solar segment in the U.S. is rocked by persistent inflation, the California NEM 3.0 and rising loan fees. Yet prices have fallen and consumer interest in storage is strong.

Sunrise brief: California bill to reevaluate rooftop solar net metering 

Also on the rise: 26% of battery storage systems have fire detection and suppression issues. Solar glass manufacturing comes to Georgia. And more.

Maine blueberry grower goes solar

ReVision Energy is the installer and REC Solar the investor of the project that is expected to generate 8.5 GWh of clean energy in the first year of operation, offsetting an estimated 8 million pounds of carbon every year, or the equivalent of planting 60,735 trees.

Building not your average dream home: The roof

A benefit to designing the roof for optimal solar production is the ability to plan for all the ventilation and plumbing to be on the north-facing side to both maximize system size and prevent any energy losses from shading.


Sunrise brief: U.S. adds 33 GW of solar in 2023

Also on the rise: 2024 will be a year of recovery for residential solar, says Enphase co-founder. Largest solar installation in Mississippi begins operations. And more.

Sunrise brief: California “added insult to injury” latest anti-solar ruling

Also on the rise: Tesla Cybertruck can power your home and more. SolarEdge expected to drop from S&P 500. And more.

California “added insult to injury” latest anti-solar ruling

CPUC has now disallowed using battery-tied solar exports to offset delivery charges. This comes after it moved to slash the value of standalone solar exports as a way to encourage pairing systems with battery storage.


Sunrise brief: California rooftop solar installations drop 80% following NEM 3.0

Also on the rise: EV adoption can help curb urban air pollution. Battery prices down 14% this year. And more.

Most states are doing a less than stellar job at deploying microgrids

A recent report by Think Microgrid recommends that legislators or utilities develop a microgrid roadmap to guide the coordinated efforts between utility commissions, energy offices, and stakeholders.


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