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Solar PPA prices may continue to increase until new supply chains emerge

PPA prices have been rising steadily since the end of last year and, according to solar developers, interconnection delays, permitting challenges, and supply chain constraints are likely to keep them high.

Computer model uses AI to detect faults in residential solar

SunDown detects and classifies per-panel faults without the need for additional sensors and was developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts.

Renewable generation hit an all-time high in the first half of 2021

Solar is growing at an unrivaled rate, and wind is now the nation’s largest single renewable energy source.

Urban Electric Power batteries achieve key fire safety certification

After heating a zinc manganese-dioxide cell from Urban Electric Power to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, testing agents concluded that “thermal runaway was not achieved.”


How safe are smart EV chargers?

Research has uncovered critical security threats associated with some common smart EV chargers, however it’s not too late or too logistically difficult to remedy these issues.

Sunrise brief: TerraGen lines up $800m in financing for a multi-phase solar + storage project

Also on the rise: Two companies petition for Section 201 tariff extension, Morgan Solar introduces a new data tool, and an insurer wants Amazon to pay for a house fire caused by a defective solar generator.

Data tool from Morgan Solar enables real-time insight into panel performance and optimization

The IV-DAQ and Analytics Portal is designed to provide a continuous stream of data on panel performance and also syncs with other sensors to offer insight into how a solar asset is performing.

Palmetto launches Instant Proposal service

Using data from Mapdwell, Palmetto can now generate and design a residential solar system proposal in a minute.

Wildfires could lead to millions in solar losses, insurer warns

A GCube report says that the solar industry must institute widespread wildfire mitigation and monitoring practices, or else it stands to suffer major financial losses in the coming years.

Answering YOUR questions: The importance of soiling monitoring & mitigation

pv magazine takes another look at monitoring and mitigation of solar system soiling to answer questions from you, the audience.


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