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Livestream shows how eclipse impacts solar power production across the U.S.

The 2024 solar eclipse will bring a few minutes of total darkness to twelve states as it cuts its path from Texas to Maine, and interest in how it will affect solar production brings to light the importance of solar energy on today’s grid.

Mixed start to spring for solar in North America

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that the solar regions of California, Nevada, Arizona and western Texas saw lower than normal irradiance in March, while high irradiance levels were recorded from the midwest to the Carolinas and across most of Mexico.

Tigo Energy provides software and services for solar installation companies

Installers participating in Tigo’s Green Glove program are guided from solar design through project commissioning.

The fate of the solar industry hinges on better data gathering and predictions

Advancements in remote measurement can help solar companies to bypass inefficient and error-prone site visits to measure and record roof dimensions, azimuth, pitch, and localized shading at a given site in a more consistent and repeatable manner

Solar asset underperformance estimated to cause $4.6 billion in preventable losses

Analyzing a global dataset of 125 GW of PV systems, drone operator Raptor Maps marked a rising trend of system underperformance.

DOE announces $9.5 million award for Iowa’s first microgrid project

The Montezuma project with a 3 MW solar installation and a battery energy storage system is expected to lower energy costs for residents by as much as 18% and to reduce transmission costs for the utility by 34%

Texas solar generation surges amidst North America’s contrasting December patterns

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that varied patterns have impacted solar generation across North America in late December. The South experienced up to 30% higher irradiance than the long-term December average, resulting from a persistent Atlantic high-pressure system driving easterly winds. which kept moisture from the Gulf of Mexico offshore.

U.S. August irradiance: Sunshine before the storm in the South

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that Tropical Storm Hillary and its associated cloud systems led to significantly lower irradiance than usual for August, in a broad area from Baja, through Southern California, and along the Rockies to British Columbia.

El Niño threatens U.S. winter solar generation

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, predicts that El Niño will likely bring lower than normal solar power production through winter in the United States. Its analysis is based on data collected from previous El Niño events.

Turning EV charging centers into islanding solar microgrids

An electric bus charging station on Martha’s Vineyard is using microgrid controllers to turn solar-plus-storage EV charging centers into microgrids that provide power when the grid goes down.

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