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U.S. August irradiance: Sunshine before the storm in the South

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that Tropical Storm Hillary and its associated cloud systems led to significantly lower irradiance than usual for August, in a broad area from Baja, through Southern California, and along the Rockies to British Columbia.

El Niño threatens U.S. winter solar generation

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, predicts that El Niño will likely bring lower than normal solar power production through winter in the United States. Its analysis is based on data collected from previous El Niño events.

Turning EV charging centers into islanding solar microgrids

An electric bus charging station on Martha’s Vineyard is using microgrid controllers to turn solar-plus-storage EV charging centers into microgrids that provide power when the grid goes down.

Statewide RPS platforms require 300 TWh of clean energy by 2030, 800 TWh by 2050

Renewable portfolio standard policies require total non-hydro renewables generation to reach 28% of electricity sales by 2050 compared to 17% today, according to a Berkeley Lab report.

Rutgers University to add 15 MW of solar carports

As part of its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040, the university will add 16 solar carport installations by DSD Renewables at its four main campuses and off campus buildings.

Better solar projections mean better models and higher project valuations

Denowatts helps solar asset owners know what they’re ‘supposed’ to be generating, via their Deno Simulator, a self-powered digital weather station, and the corresponding Digital Twin software package.

Three ways states can fix interconnection of distributed solar and storage

States can remedy inadequate hosting capacity for distributed solar and storage, unfairly high interconnection costs for some projects, and other interconnection barriers, a consulting firm concluded.

Software provider introduces hail detection solution for solar projects

Hail events have historically posed a considerable risk for utility solar projects, with weather instances creating up to $100 million in damages at large projects located in “Hail Alley” states such as Texas.


Flexible demand through participation by large customers in wholesale markets

Large industrial users of electricity that could use less electricity at high prices, or more electricity at low prices, could bid prices for their demand in day-ahead wholesale markets to help set market prices, integrate renewables, and lower system costs, according to an ESIG report.

Planned neighborhood is all-electric, solar-powered, and storm-resilient

Vermont Governor Phil Scott and Senator Peter Welch attended the groundbreaking for a new microgrid neighborhood in South Burlington that will have solar on every home and an EV charger in every garage.

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