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Sunrise brief: Perovskite solar cell achieves 24% efficiency, retains 87% of output after 100 days

Also on the rise: Flyover footage of a 6.5 MW community solar project in Maine. The PV Magazine states of solar tour stops in North Carolina. And more.

Fully operational residential microgrid will help power exhibits at RE+

One of the features on the show floor at RE+ will be a live demonstration of an operational hybrid, bi-directional microgrid.

Sunnova to develop solar and storage “micro-utility” in California

The system allows ratepayers to share excess clean power and be islanded from the conventional grid. What are the benefits of sharing storage capacity?

Zinc8 to manufacture its first zinc-air batteries in the U.S.

Canadian battery developer Zinc8 Energy Solutions announced its plans to begin battery production in the United States incentivized by manufacturing production credits within the Inflation Reduction Act.


Sunrise brief: EV battery manufacturing coming to America

Also on the rise: Grid forming inverter to stabilize microgrids. GAF Energy breaks groun on Texas solar roofing plant. And more.

Grid-forming inverter to stabilize microgrids

Toshiba has developed a smart synchronous inverter that stabilizes power fluctuations in microgrids. The Japanese company said it has tested the device in combination with PV and battery storage.

Sunrise brief: Bloomberg analyst forecasts a 30% increase in global PV deployment this year, and double-digit growth through 2025.

Also on the rise: US 2021 solar panel shipments total $9.8 billion at $0.34/W. Nearly all smart inverter manufacturers will be delivering smart inverters within a year. And more.

Enphase announces five million microinverters shipped from Salcomp factory in India

Since 2020, Salcomp has manufactured Enphase Microinverters and other components in a factory in India for the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets.


Pittsburgh Airport solar microgrid saved $1 million in energy costs

In one year, Pittsburgh Airport’s microgrid saved so much in energy costs that it’s considering doubling the size of the installation.

Californians will still get burned under solar killer proposal

NEM 3.0 would be disastrous for locally produced solar energy and harm vulnerable communities who want access to local solar and jobs. 


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