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Kit Carson Co-op voluntarily commits to 100% solar electricity in summer

The New Mexico power producer has always wanted to serve its customers with renewable energy, but was severely limited by a previous contract. Now, thanks to a landmark FERC ruling and a new ‘angel’ wholesale-electricity supplier, the co-op can finally reach its goals.

FERC declines to intervene in Montana PURPA fight

The federal regulatory body states that Montana’s PSC is not in compliance with PURPA, and says that FLS Energy is free to pursue a remedy in the courts.

FERC proposal requires utilities to accommodate DERs, storage

The federal energy regulatory body wants to compel current wholesale electricity suppliers to let DER providers, including storage, to compete in the markets. This follows regulatory action on DER in New York and California.

SunEdison pushes back on TerraForm settlement proposal

SunEdison under restructuring officer John S. Dubel has put out a note to “clarify” its position on the settlement process, which may not be entirely easy.

US election: solar, renewable and climate advocates cool on Trump win

While those within the U.S. are understandably nervy after Trump’s victory, global observers have taken a more sanguine view on the potential impact of his Presidency on solar markets.

TerraForm Power reveals proposed settlement with SunEdison

TerraForm Power has sent a draft settlement agreement to SunEdison creditors under which claims would be settled, noting that it prefers a “collaborative” process.

Conflicts continue over Duke’s interconnection rules

North Carolina regulators have offered the company relief on a complaint by seven solar developers, but have served complaints against the power company for three other projects.

JA Solar settles $1 billion lawsuit with Hemlock

Facing a lawsuit in the region of $1 billion filed by polysilicon producer Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, the Chinese Tier 1 solar company has today reached a settlement at the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

SEC investigates SunEdison

A subpoena from the federal financial regulator adds to an ongoing Department of Justice investigation in the list of the company’s legal troubles.

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