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SolarAPP+ launches, can cut costs and timelines for residential rooftop permits

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and solar industry leaders introduced the NREL-developed app as one-stop shop for instant, automated permits.

DOE and NREL seek consortium leaders in thin-film solar module advancement

The Department of Energy has released $20 million in funding to solicit participation in NREL-organized consortium of leaders in thin-film cadmium telluride module advancement.

Solar checklists for Florida building, fire, and safety codes

The free checklists offer a step-by-step process for interpreting the Sunshine State’s structural, electrical, and fire safety codes as well as an equipment quality guide.

Clean energy requires metals and minerals: Can the U.S. compete?

More mining capacity will be needed to meet demand for metals and minerals for clean energy resources, and the U.S. is behind in the race, says a university researcher.

Energy storage aggregation unlocks benefits for homeowners, grid operators, and installers

Companies like Sunrun are implementing grid services using smart batteries to unlock benefits for the residential end-user and the grid at large. Recent research from New Zealand suggests these benefits could be dramatic.

Solar at a Utah landfill joins a growing number of projects on brownfield sites

Landfills are increasingly playing host to solar facilities, with the EPA reporting an 80% rise in such projects across the U.S. over the last five years. A 4.7 MW Utah project is one of the latest additions.

SEIA issues a call to action to advocate for the Biden infrastructure bill

SEIA offered a roadmap for grassroots involvement in what it called its ‘Hot Solar Summer’ initiative as the infrastructure bill makes its way through Congress.

San Diego Community Power inks solar + storage deal with BayWa r.e.

The not-for-profit entered a 90 MW solar, 70 MW storage, 20-year power purchase agreement to be developed and serviced by BayWa r.e.


Siemens and Malta team up to develop scalable energy storage technology

The two will design turbomachinery components to support long-duration energy storage systems that could scale over time to the gigawatt range.

Improving solar cells by tackling noise

Researchers used noise measuring devices to identify physical processes within solar cells that cause energy loss and lower efficiency.

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