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Over $500 million in tax revenue expected from 800 MW Ohio solar project

The Oak Run solar project developed by Savion would create over 3,000 construction jobs and generate up to $504 million in tax revenue over its lifespan, 60% of which would fund local school districts.

Ohio watershed authority evaluating bids for modules and hardware for 13 solar facilities

IMC Solar, a local engineering contractor, will install the watershed preservation district’s solar systems at six or more office locations.

BP to construct 134 MW Ohio project for Meta

Arche Solar is the first of BP’s fully-owned solar projects to begin construction, while previous projects were developed by 50:50 joint venture Lightsource BP.

Sunrise brief: Ohio county rejects ban on utility-scale solar.

Also on the rise: Honnold Foundation receives $2 million to bring solar energy to underserved communities. First stop on hydrogen highway. And more.


Ohio county rejects ban on utility-scale solar, but 10 counties retain it

Clark County, Ohio will no longer be under threat of a ban of 50 MW or larger solar and wind projects. But, 10 counties still retain the ban caused by 2021 legislation.


Ohio town to retool solar restrictions after community advocacy

Granville, Ohio is set to reconsider its local solar regulations after industry and community engagement drummed up support for more solar-friendly law.


Sunrise brief: Ten Ohio counties have banned large scale wind and solar

Also on the rise: 50 States of solar incentives: West Virginia. California extends solar property tax exemption, Missouri does not. And more.

Ten Ohio counties have banned large scale wind and solar

After implementing SB 52 last fall, ten rural Ohio jurisdictions have banned large “single interconnection” wind or solar facilities in unincorporated areas.


Ohio-Based Solution to Help AEP Avoid Forced Power Outages

250,000 AEP Ohio customers did not need to lose their power due to forced outages on June 14 -16th. There is an alternative, one that can quickly and efficiently shed load with minimal to no impact on customers: Armada Power.

We take control of approximately 17% of residential load with our patented water heater control technology. We are able to shed and manage that load around grid constraints, shortening or completely eliminating the need for rolling blackouts. All while maintaining customer comfort so that end users won’t be able to detect that an event has occurred.

Ohio regulators to review two massive renewable energy project proposals

The proposals are for Innergex’s 200 MW Palomino Solar Energy Project and EDP Renewables’ 200 MW/800 MWh Flint Grid battery energy storage facility.

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