Carrier launches new series of high-temperature heat pumps


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Carrier has launched a new series of high-temperature heat pumps for applications in industrial sites, commercial settings, public buildings, and district heating systems.

It has developed four new products with capacities ranging from 30 kW to 375 kW, all of which use hydrofluoroolefins as a refrigerant.

“In addition to harnessing heat from ambient air and the ground, the heat pumps capture wasted heat from a wide range of sources, including data centers, leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants, process water, flue gases and sewage systems,” the manufacturer said. “Heat collected can be used for comfort heating and domestic hot water production in large buildings and facilities.”

One of the products, the 410 kW AquaForce 61CA air-source heat pump, can reach a temperature of up to 179.6 F (82 C). The manufacturer said it is a suitable solution for large buildings, as well as local and district heating networks.

The AquaForce 61CW-Z water-source heat pump, meanwhile, offers power ranging from 410 kW to 735 kW. It can achieve a temperature of up to 197.6 (92 C). The new solution is recommended for district heating networks and industrial process heating systems.

The third product – the AquaForce 61CWD water-source heat pump – has a power range of 110 kW to 540 kW and can reach a temperature of up to 120 C.

“Screw compressors specially designed for the highest temperatures for heavy-duty continuous use,” the company said noting the product is also suitable for industrial process heating.

The smallest product, the AquaSnap 61CG water-source heat pump, has a capacity of 30 kW to 130 kW and can be cascaded to 390 kW. It can reach a temperature of up to 179.6 F and can be used for heat recovery in hotels, the food-processing sector, and the pharmaceutical industry, while also supporting energy supplies and data centers.

“The units come ready to connect to Abound, Carrier’s cloud-based digital platform that enables real-time, intelligent outcome-based results that make buildings more efficient and responsive,” the manufacturer said. “To minimize operating costs, users can opt for one of Carrier’s BluEdge service options to keep heat pumps operating at peak performance and efficiency throughout their lifecycle.”

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