Cow carbon credits announced at CES 2023


This week at CES 2023, taking place in Las Vegas, start-up company Melliens announced its cow carbon platform that monitors the carbon footprint of cattle and trades the credits in carbon markets. Carbon credits are tradable certificates that are intended to offset the amount of carbon emitted by the purchaser.

Melliens is a South Korean-based startup, formed in 2021, with an U.S. office in Kirkland, Washington. Melliens was founded by professors from South Korea’s Jeonbuk National University, and after 10 years of research and development, they formed the LINC3.0 Project Group for the purpose of commercializing the technology.

The company said it is committed to continually cutting the carbon footprint of beef by half of the world average by 2030. In October of 2022, the company joined the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, an organization made up of some of the world’s largest meat producers with the goal of improving the sustainability of the global beef supply chain.

Melliens developed a Livestock Carbon Monitoring & Carbon Credit Sharing Platform that is intended to enable beef producers to generate and sell carbon credits for practicing less carbon intensive agriculture than the current industry standard.

“The cow carbon platform reliably generates carbon credits based upon inputs. We are proud to present a technology promoting a cleaner environment and healthier earth” said Dr. Lee Hakkyo, Melliens founder and professor of Joenbuk National University in South Korea.

Melliens is the first climate technology company to monitor the carbon footprints of beef cattle and trade accumulated carbon credits in carbon markets. According to the company, carbon emissions from cattle make up 10% of overall agricultural emissions, and that could grow to 40% by 2050. The company developed the cow carbon platform in response to this potential growth in carbon emissions.

The platform is intended to quantify and verify the reduced carbon emissions, while generating carbon credits in real time. The cow carbon credits will soon be available for purchase by anyone, and profits will be shared with beef suppliers, according to Mellien.

“Melliens is building a connection between beef farmers and the tech world to share benefits by trading accumulated carbon credits in voluntary carbon markets,” said Salim Dada, managing director and CEO at Concord Ventures, a venture capital firm.

Cow carbon credits can be purchased at

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