Sunrun batting .984


Solar power is growing because it delivers. S&P recently estimated that solar power uptime is generally greater than 99%. Dividend Solar recently achieved the industry’s first AA rating. A California CCA earned the industry’s first investment grade rating. And with these milestones, solar is earning a bigger share of the hundreds trillions in investment capital on the planet.

Sunrun now adds itself to the list of those superlatively delivering for investors. This was underscored in the Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) annual review of Sunrun Callisto Issuer 2015-1, LLC, Series 2015-1 – a July 9, 2015 listing for $110 million of 7,893 rooftop solar systems, averaging 7.1 kW. KBRA noted that the bond had performed in line with the agencies best case scenario.

As of June 2018, homeowners had defaulted on payments for 110 PV systems out of the 7,893 at time of closing in 2015. The total discounted balance of those solar assets is $2.4 million, representing 1.6% of the portfolio’s current value. All interest and principal payments have been made on time to investors in the bond.

The portfolio includes an inverter replacement reserve account.

As Tesla pulls back and gathers itself for its solar roof rollout, Sunrun has become the largest U.S. residential solar company. In the first quarter of 2018 Sunrun’s deployments fell 7%, but revenue grew 36%. This is part of a refocus on high quality residential installs versus high volume. With the Florida market now in play, we should begin to see the third-most populous state affect growth.

All of this drives the point that solar growth has been stable and performing at ‘best case’ scenario levels for years now. Solar power is growing because the sun comes up every single day, and there’s not a thing any executive or politician can do about that.

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