SMA adds TSR-4 MLPE solution for residential solar


The Power+ Solution can be applied per module or selectively to yield-challenged modules, subject to factors like shading. This selective use of MLPE optimization is less expensive than the addition of a microinverter or optimizer to every panel, yet provides analysis and performance programming where it is most needed.

“Every solar PV project has unique challenges and objectives, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not meet the needs of today’s solar landscape,” said Sven Schreiber, executive vice president of the Residential business unit at SMA. “With the Power+ Solution, integrators can choose to apply the technology in a way that optimizes ROI for their individual business model.”

Orders are being taken for the TS4 platform, which offers various levels of plug-and-play functionality. The TS4 is available as a factory integrated component through leading module suppliers. It is also available as an add-on, retrofit option through SMA. Benefits of the TS4 line include module-level monitoring, shutdown code compliance, shade mitigation and increased string lengths.

Selectively deploying TS4-R can save up to 90 minutes of installation time per residential system while realizing greater energy production and roof usage, and provide a higher ROI, notes SMA. Selective deployment is also a more simple solution for future service and O&M.

installers and distributors also may realize additional cost savings by reducing the total number of products they carry. Now integrators can carry one line of inverters for MLPE and non-MLPE applications, which reduces warehouse space while also improving flexibility when installation requirements change at the last minute.