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Powin nearshores modular Centipede lithium-ion battery production

The company announced a manufacturing partnership with Celestica at its Monterrey, Mexico, facility, bringing Powin’s production closer to its end-users.

Sol Systems announces first recipients of Community Impact Agreement with Microsoft

Through a unique power purchase and community impact agreement with Microsoft, Sol Systems announced a total investment of over $1 million in 2022 in five initial partner organizations focused on workforce development, energy access, or community resiliency. The company said it plans to invest at least $50 million in underserved communities in the US.

PG&E plans 1.6GW/6.4GWh battery storage portfolio through 2024

The plans come as part of an 11.5GW clean energy procurement order by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Big box retailers could be 50% solar powered

An analysis by Environment America has found that the 100,000 big box stores in the United States could generate 84 TWh of electricity from solar power on their rooftops.


Solar Tsunami: 2022

In 2019 the interconnection queue in the US was 139GWac and we were really excited about that much solar, but today it’s 639GWac — a 3X increase. Now that’s a solar tsunami.


Enel mulls building heterojunction solar module factory in the US

In a recent media brief, new Enel Green Power CEO Salvatore Bernabei said that another heterojunction solar module factory may be built abroad, with the United States being a possible location.

Sunrise brief: A net-zero microgrid service for datacenters

Also on the rise: Solar-plus-storage projects in Nevada move forward. Growatt releases lithium-iron phosphate battery for off-grid solar. Zinc-air battery, CHP, and solar to power apartment complex in New York. Solar Decathlon celebrates 20 years of training tomorrow’s clean energy workforce. Louisville startup secures $2 million funding for copper paste that replacessilver in solar panels.

Microgrid and net zero as-a-service providers form partnership

InfraPrime and Instant ON will launch PowerShell, a solar microgrid and energy management service for datacenters.


Louisville startup secures $2 million funding for copper paste that may lower cost of solar

Bert Thin Films, a University of Louisville research-backed startup, is developing a copper-based paste that may replace silver components in solar panels.

Solar Decathlon celebrates 20 years of training tomorrow’s clean energy workforce

The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon has trained over 25,000 students from 40 countries, supported 790 teams, and expanded to include both residential and commercial design and build challenges.

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