Monster 690 MW Solar Project outside Las Vegas announced

The two-phase Gemini Solar Project would be larger than any operational single-site solar project in the United States known to pv magazine.


Panasonic mulls further investment in Tesla battery gigafactory as shortages loom

The suggestion of additional investments beyond the $1.6 billion follows reports of battery cell shortages as Tesla’s Model 3 picks up production. It is unknown what impacts this will have on Tesla’s stationary storage business.

Nevada 50% by 2030 renewable mandate qualifies for referendum

A group pushing the measure got more than double the number of signatures needed to bring the renewable energy mandate increase directly to the state’s voters on November 6.

Would you pay 1.795¢/kWh for solar power in 2043?

NV Energy has signed a 25-year power contract for 2.376¢/kWh for the output of a 300 MW solar power plant in Nevada. This represents a new record for the lowest public contract price for solar power in the United States.

Buffett buys a gigawatt of solar power and 400 MWh of energy storage, maybe

NV Energy, owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, has signed contracts to purchase electricity from six solar projects totaling 1,001 MW-AC along with 100 MW / 400 MWh of energy storage.


Amazon launches 813,000 square foot solar system in Las Vegas.

The 1.1 megawatt solar rooftop system will power the fulfillment center that houses it.

CDPQ takes majority stake in Invenergy Renewables

Invenergy plans to maintain day-to-day management of its renewable energy business, with the Québecois fund manager increasing its economic stake to 52%.

Republicans request utility-scale solar panel tariff exemption

A group of eight Republican senators has sent a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative and other federal agencies calling for utility-scale solar panels to be exempt from the Section 201 tariffs.


Net metering drives rooftop solar resurgence in Nevada

Applications for distributed solar in the state increased more than 10-fold in 2017 over 2016, following the reinstatement of net metering in mid-2017. On a monthly basis the increase has been as much as 32x.


100 MW MGM-Invenergy Solar Project to power Las Vegas Strip

The project will be built on 640 acres of public land in a zone designated for solar energy, and is expected to be online by the end of 2020.

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