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Grasshopper closes $48m financing deal for U.S. solar expansion

The Canada-based renewable energy developer will use the funds to support four solar-plus-storage projects in Massachusetts.

Can large-scale solar cool nearby areas?

An international team of scientists observed a cooling effect in a large radius around solar arrays. The cooling may have implications for local ecosystem management.

Solar in uncommon spaces

With land use concerns on the rise, large-scale solar projects increasingly are being sited on everything from landfills to water reservoirs. Here’s an overview of the state of the art.


Toshiba claims 15.1% power conversion efficiency for perovskite solar module

The result is claimed by the company to be the highest efficiency yet reported for any large, polymer film-based perovskite PV module.

JA Solar, JinkoSolar, Longi agree on 182mm module standardization

The three Chinese panel manufacturers found an agreement on module size and mounting hole spacing.

JinkoSolar unveils details of its TopCon 620 W bifacial solar panel

The Tiger Neo panel has a power conversion efficiency of up to 22.1% and a temperature coefficient is -0.30% per Celsius degree.


Trina Solar improves efficiency of 210 mm PERC solar module

The panel achieved a power conversion efficiency of 23.5%.

China made 14 GW of solar modules in June – and more than 80 GW in six months

The nation produced 57% more solar cells in the first half of this year than in the same period a year earlier.

Partners turn to blockchain to expand solar module recycling

The technology is being developed in Japan and should be able to inspect solar modules to provide data on traceability and components used.


JinkoSolar begins work on $500 million ingot and wafer facility in Vietnam

Vietnamese media claim the new factory is being built to diversify the company’s supply chain away from China and as an answer to new requirements from western countries and suppliers.

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