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IEA: solar, wind need new policies to tackle variability concerns

New report by the International Energy Agency identifies the integration of masses of variable renewable energy as the chief challenge facing next-generation solar and wind power, citing policy support as key in maximizing potential.

Bill Gates’ energy innovation fund commits to $1 billion in investment

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is backing research on zero-carbon technologies; however its guidelines show a lack of understanding of solar technology and market development.

Report finds net metering is not sustainable over the long-term

The report by electricity market researchers finds that the value that solar contributes to the grid decreases with higher penetrations, making net metering unsuitable in the long run. But in most markets, those higher penetrations are still a long way off.

Australian researchers produce 12% efficient, 16cm2 perovskite PV cell

University of New South Wales researchers have achieved the highest efficiency for a perovskite PV cell of its size to date.

Renewables rise to 15% of U.S. electricity generation in Q1-Q3 2016

While solar’s share of net U.S. generation was only 1.4%, this is a 40% increase from a year ago.


Intertek Confirms SolarEdge inverters are UL 1741 SA Smart Inverters

“With PV inverters taking on an expanded role in energy management, they are continually acting as the solar energy system’s brain by controlling monitoring, storage, communications, and smart grid interactions,” stated Lior Handelsman, VP Marketing and Product Strategy of SolarEdge.

NREL creates solar PV competitive test site

The test arrays will initially feature modules from three manufacturers, and NREL will publish the resulting performance and degradation rates online.

HECO sees significant uptick in self-supply applications

After protracted wrangling over solar adoption in Honolulu, the state’s citizens are taking matters into their own hands — joining a self-supply program that could show the way to NEM 2.0


Solar+storage cuts Vermont utility grid charge by $200,000

A recently completed solar+storage project at Green Mountain Power’s Stafford Hill Solar Farm project shaved enough August peak energy use that Green Mountain Power is saving $200,000 from its annual bill from the New England grid operator.

Tesla/SolarCity completes PV and battery system to power Samoan island

The 1.4 MW solar and 6 MWh battery system will supply power to the 600 residents of Ta’u, replacing the island’s diesel generators.

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