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Getting ready for terawatts of solar (with charts)

Researchers from NREL, Fraunhofer ISE and Japan’s AIST have released a new paper which looks at the barriers to deploying multiple terawatts of solar PV and what can be done to overcome them.

EnergyWakeup: Standard Solar’s Tony Clifford talks policy and business

As cooperation with SolarWakeup, pv magazine USA brings you a podcast by EnergyWakeup featuring Standard Solar’s Tony Clifford, who talks about SEIA, the acquisition of his company by Gaz Metro, and more.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry wants to know if solar is eroding the electricity supply

On Friday, the former fossil-fuel favoring governor ordered a study to see whether solar and wind development is making the electricity grid less stable.


Albuquerque to install over $25 million worth of solar on city buildings

The announcement builds on Albuquerque’s commitment to get 25% of its energy from solar by 2025.

Real estate constraints, finance are key problems for rooftop solar in Washington D.C.

A new report finds that the nation’s capital has the ability to host up to 2.5 GW of rooftop solar potential and looks at ways to reach that potential.

Salt Lake City joins cascade of cities committing to 100% renewables

The dominoes are starting to fall solar’s way, as the Utah capital committed to producing all of its electricity from renewable sources in 15 years, joining an ever-growing group of cities who have already done so.

GTM Research: Global solar market to grow 9% in 2017

Increasing demand for solar power in China has prompted analysts to boost their 2017 estimates, forecasting an increase of more than 9% this year, with the annual global market reaching 85 GW.

APS says solar, energy efficiency to make up 50% of new production

Arizona’s largest investor-owned utility says the next 15 years will include significant increases in solar production, battery storage products and significant reductions in coal-fired production plants.

Maryland legislation backs growing role for energy storage

If signed by the governor, two bills will provide tax credits for energy storage systems and study methods to increase storage deployment.

NV Energy reaches 2016 renewable portfolio threshold

Despite a significant slowdown in a two-year rooftop solar installations, which left NV Energy as essentially the state’s only solar option, the utility reached its legislatively mandated 20% level of renewable energy production last year.

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