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Sunrun batting .984

Sunrun’s initial solar power loan securitization, vintage July 2015, hit its three year mark with 110 solar assets having defaulted out of the 7,893 solar assets at closing, representing $2.4 million and 1.6% of the portfolio.

Big oil going big solar

MMEX Resources has begun negotiations for additional acreage at the site of its distillation plant and refinery to add 75-100 MW of solar power. The company already has 1 MW installed.


Regulators shoot down Indianapolis Power & Light’s extreme fixed charge increase

Indianapolis Power & Light and the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor have reached a settlement that avoids an increase in fixed charges to $27 per month.


Tesla Powerwalls and PowerPacks save Vermont $500,000 during heatwaves

Green Mountain Power suggests 500 distributed Tesla Powerwalls plus two larger energy storage facilities have saved its customers $500,000 this summer during peak demand hours.

Trio of bills introduced in New York City to mandate solar, wind or plants on new buildings

The three bills introduced in the City Council would require new buildings to host solar PV, small wind turbines or “green roofs” of plant covering, however rooftop solar still faces unique barriers in the city.

Smart residential solar inverters prepping to run the grid

PG&E has filed an interim report on customer-sited behind-the-meter smart inverters. The utility sees strong potential benefit for the grid with this technology, but says more standardization and reliable communication protocols must be established before a broad roll-out can occur.


REC Silicon hit by falling demand in Q2

The polysilicon maker has been a casualty of the trade war between the United States and China. Following layoffs, the company expects its plant in Washington to run at only 25% capacity until the trade war is resolved.

LONGi to supply $600 million in modules to the U.S. market

The Chinese ingot, wafer cell and module giant has signed a significant sales contract for the shipment of solar PV modules to an unidentified customer in the United States.

APS spends $11 million, can’t keep renewable initiative off the ballot

The utility has poured money into dirty tricks to keep a referendum on increasing Arizona’s renewable energy mandate to 50% by 2030 off the ballot. But with more than double the needed number of signatures needed, it looks like APS is losing this round.

From the editor: Carbon pricing is not a substitute for concrete policies

The time for passive market action has passed.

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