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Vivint Solar quietly prepares to raise up to $200 million

The residential solar company has opened the door to raise the funds through a variety of means including a follow-on offering.

What causes PID?

Potentially Induced Degradation (PID) can significantly impact PV system output and be a real headache for system owners. But what is PID, what causes it, and what can be done to prevent it?

Vivint moves towards short-term profit

The residential solar company’s Q2 results show a smaller Vivint that is emphasizing direct sales versus the third-party model.

Sempra swoops up 200 MW-AC of PV from Recurrent

The power company has acquired the massive Great Valley Solar project near Fresno, as part of an increasing trend of mainstream power companies buying up renewable energy assets.

Fossil fuel front group slams Utah solar, using cost-shift argument to divide consumers

A “consumer protection group” almost entirely funded by every major fossil fuel company in the country is using the “cost-shift” argument to attempt to weaken support for solar in the state.

Sunrun continues market share gains in Q2 2017

While other large distributed solar companies are pulling back from the third party model and the U.S. residential market contracts, Sunrun is continuing to grow.

Tesla seeks $1.5 billion bond offering while shifting its solar strategy

The EV, battery and solar company continues to raise record amounts of cash as it ramps Model 3 production. At the same time, it’s emphasizing profitability from its solar business, which has undergone a significant transformation since the company bought SolarCity.


California regulators call for later peak under SDG&E time of use rates

A week before a key ruling and with little justification, CPUC has altered a proposed decision on TOU timing. If approved this will be bad for SDG&E customers who adopt solar and could set a precedent for TOU rate cases at California’s other utilities.


New York utility uses its own buildings to power low-income shared solar

Starting with 3 MW this year, Consolidated Edison plans to install up to 11 MW of solar on its properties, to provide solar access to between 3,000 and 6,000 of its poorest customers.


Inverter quality and warranties more important to owners

The demand for high quality inverters has led all but the shortest-outlook equipment purchasers to move into Tier 1, in large part because of the more solid warranty offered.

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