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Trackers taking over the market: An interview with Eb Russell, RP Construction Services

In this interview, RPCS founder & President Eb Russell explores the factors behind how trackers are taking over the utility-scale solar market, as well as giving insights on the solar contracting business in the wake of the Section 201 tariffs.


Solar at the stadium

A new report from SEIA finds that more and more franchises, from the NFL to Indycar, are choosing to add solar power to their stadiums and venues.


Elon Musk’s unprecedented solar+storage vision for Puerto Rico moves forward

Puerto Rico is requesting ten 20 MW / 20 MWh batteries to be deployed strategically in the country’s power grid. The RFQ notes that sites should be upgradable to 40 MW / 160 MWh.

South Carolina net metering cap increase derailed

The SC Senate budget committee has removed an amendment that would have lifted the restrictive 2% caps on net metered-solar from the state’s budget bill. The caps could be hit in both utility service areas by the end of the year.


174 Power to build Wyoming’s first large solar project

The project development subsidiary of Hanwha Q Cells has received the go-ahead from the BLM for an 80 MW-AC solar project in southwestern Wyoming.


Solar bond pays for 12 solar installations, with no taxpayer cost

The City of Albuquerque has revealed details of the first phase of $25 million in solar power investments, as part of its goal to bring the city to 25% renewables. The first 12 projects are on local structures including fire and police stations, increasing resilience.

Ska Brewing adds solar to renewable arsenal

Named after everbody’s favorite mashup genre, the company has gone 100% renewable with the addition of their new solar project


Mosaic Solar breaks $1 billion, earns an ‘A-‘

KBRA has assigned Preliminary Ratings to the most recent Mosaic Solar Loan Trust. The aggregate amount is $317 million, with $273 million earning the A- rating.

Kaua’i to near 70% renewables with massive solar + storage project

The 70 MWh energy storage system accompanying a 19 MW solar project is one of the largest batteries to be deployed in the United States, and is coming in at under 11 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Consumers Energy reveals details of solar deployment in IRP

The Michigan utility is taking on an aggressive expansion of solar power, wind and energy storage in hopes to reduce its emissions to 20% of 2005 levels.


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