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Commercial & Industrial PV

NRG Yield cautiously acquires more solar

The yieldco of energy giant NRG reported strong results for Q3, and expects to acquire former SunEdison assets NRG snatched up in a fire sale.

Vote Solar and Earthjustice appeal Nevada court decision in bid to revive net metering

The organizations are challenging a court ruling which ordered the grandfathering of net-metered customers, but ignored the regulatory decision which dismantled net metering.

From the editor: Big choices

Next Tuesday’s elections are a big deal for the solar industry – including key policy contests and races in Florida, Arizona and Nevada.

Younicos to supply the NEXT smart city project in Denver

Younicos, Xcel Energy, and Panasonic North America will collaborate on a 1MW storage system linked to 2 MW of solar at Panasonic’s Denver operations hub within the NEXT smart city development.

Florida follies: Utilities continue to fund fake pro-solar Amendment 1

One week before the vote, Florida’s utilities continue to pour millions of dollars to support the constitutional amendment they created

New York regulators propose to slowly transition C&I, community solar off of net metering

Under the recommendations by New York PSC staff for valuation of DER, residential solar would remain on net metering while commercial and community solar would slowly transfer to a new methodology.

The eyes have it

Conspicuous solar: Getting the public to embrace solar energy has never been a straightforward task, but as the technology moves past its awkward teen phase, some genuinely impressive and innovative adaptations of solar PV are beginning to turn heads.


Dominion constructs another solar plant outside of Virginia

Despite repeatedly interfering with solar development in its home state of Virginia, the electricity-generation giant continues to build solar plants in other states.


GameChange Near 100 MW in Minnesota

GameChange Solar, of New York, announced that installations of its Max-Span pile driven systems in the hot Minnesota market year to date now total 98 MW.

Target displaces Walmart as the top corporate installer of solar

Target has reached 147.5 MW of solar capacity, installing 69 MW in the first nine months of 2016 alone.

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