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Startup invents breakthrough non-toxic battery electrolyte that’s cheaper ‘by factor of 100’

It’s a breakthrough so simple that the Australian patent office needed convincing it counted as an invention.


Mexico plans one of Latin America’s largest PV projects

The Mexican authorities are overseeing the development of a $2 billion PV project as part of a modernization plan involving the country’s state-owned utility, CFE.

Do engineers dream of solar panel efficiency?

A true next generation of solar cell technology is upon us. It is time to contemplate the benefits.


The electric utility anti-rooftop solar playbook

The paper, Blocking Rooftop Solar, includes seven case studies from around the nation exposing the specific actions taken, which sometimes were illegal, and quite often were manipulative.


Four ways to make your solar PV project appealing to acquisition partners

PV project developers can make their mark in the coming years with a sound strategy for ensuring their projects are acquisition-ready.

New ASCE committee will focus on advancing the reliability of solar PV structures

The Structural Engineering Institute committee will focus on the structural and geotechnical design of structures that support PV modules on building rooftops, carports, and ground mount facilities.

Solar technology was developed in America, now it’s energy for America. Let’s make it here

Rebuilding our domestic solar supply chain won’t happen overnight, and we need long-term solutions. The Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act is an excellent start.


We need interconnection reform to unlock the benefits of energy storage

Outdated interconnection policies remain a significant barrier to unlocking the full value of energy storage on the distribution grid. Here’s how to fix it.


Software can reimagine breakthrough battery tech to power the electric future

By understanding the challenges that impacted the solar industry, battery material manufacturers will be better equipped to scale next-generation technologies from the lab to have a real-world impact.

Eyes in the sky: How solar plant owners can benefit from aerial inspection technologies

When asset owners don’t take advantage of aerial inspection tools, they may miss a chance to mitigate risk and optimize the health of the DC side of their system… and may leave money on the table.

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