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MiaSole, dormant thin-film solar company, received more than $5 million in PPP loans

Why is an essentially bankrupt Chinese solar company that had already furloughed most of its staff receiving $5 to $10 million from the U.S. treasury?


Power and utility deal activity is down significantly to start 2020, but renewables show strength

A new report released by Ernst & Young shows that power and utility deals in the Americas saw huge drops in volume and value due to the Covid-19 pandemic, though commitment to renewable investment remains strong.

Mosaic launches new solar finance offering with no payments for the first year

Outside of a 12-month promotional period where customers don’t have to make payments on the system, Mosaic’s newest offering, PowerSwitch Zero, also includes a contactless sales tool and and installer partnership product.


A virtual trade show in your home starring residential storage vendors

The U.S. solar and storage industry is figuring out how to exchange information without exchanging Covid-19.

First Solar posts a strong Q2, global operations to be 100% renewably powered by 2028

Another stalwart of the solar industry was able to take the necessary precautions in order to maintain some sense of normalcy during the pandemic, leading to a quarter of increased sales, net cash and a positive outlook to finish off the year.

SunPower survived shutdowns for a strong Q2

While supply chain and manufacturing disruptions will lead to shipping decreases in Q3, the measures that SunPower took prior to Covid’s disruption allowed for a strong quarter, with the company experiencing increases in installations and demand.

SolarEdge stock jumps on Q2 revenue beat and solid earnings — despite Covid-19

SolarEdge was able to keep its streak of profitable quarters going — in what was expected to be a hard-hit quarter for solar. The company sees “signs of recovery in the U.S.”


Jigar Shah on the solar industry: ‘We embrace innovation because it is in our blood’

“We are being looked at by everyone from prominent political campaigns to elected officials in our towns and counties to provide the economic development needed for the nation’s recovery from Covid.”

Jigar Shah: Pandemic reveals solar as ‘one of the largest, most trusted industries in the country’

“It’s critical for us to recognize that we are being looked to by everyone from prominent political campaigns to elected officials in your town to provide the necessary economic development to get us out of Covid,” he said.


Renewables have outpaced nuclear and coal to start 2020

In the latest edition of Electric Power Monthly, EIA data shows that renewable resources have generated more electricity through May 31st than both coal and nuclear power.


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