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Toronto area businesses to engage in 77MW distributed energy aggregation

A pilot managed by Enel X will supply the Ontario grid with demand response loads aggregated from 14 distributed sites. The project is expected to ease peak demand on the grid and supply the businesses with energy savings and additional revenue streams.

US solar manufacturers request tax credits in letter to Congress

Manufacturers in every leg of the solar value chain are requesting long-term PV tax credits in the budget reconciliation legislation.


US grid-scale energy storage usage profiles, innovation, and growth outlook

The Energy Information Administration profiled grid-scale energy storage, finding that a demand for different grid services creates demand for a variety of storage duration capabilities.


Green Mountain Power selects Enphase batteries for pilot lease discount program

Participating homeowners will connect their home battery to the grid, sharing energy through Green Mountain Power’s distribution system in exchange for financial incentives.


A solar project would multiply a North Dakota town’s budget, but a 1995 ordinance prevents it

Colfax Township’s zoning board is reviewing a 1995 ordinance that bars solar installations after a proposed project is estimated to increase the town’s budget from $80,000 to $180,000, plus bring revenues to the local school district, county and state. In total, $1.4 million of revenue would be shared with Colfax within the first five years of operations.

Construction begins for Meta (Facebook) $90 million solar project

The 70MW project is under development by Silicon Ranch and was launched through utility Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Invest program. Plus, pv magazine examines the work of “Solar Protocol” to bring attention to the fact that the internet is not as ethereal as it seems.

Discovery of “structural earthquake” in cathode formation may improve sodium-ion batteries 20-40%

Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory discovered a degenerative effect in the creation of cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries that may have significant impacts on the performance of sodium-ion batteries.

Solar starts strong, growing 40% year over year in January

US solar generation reached new heights despite a year of challenges. Plus, pv magazine discusses “renewable” vs. “sustainable.”


Hyundai Sonata hybrid is equipped with a solar roof

The 205W PV array adds nearly 1,000 miles of range each year and helps prevent battery discharge events that are responsible for four out of every ten roadside emergency breakdowns.


New lithium battery cells and packs for commercial vehicles

Microvast announced the release of two new battery cells and Gen 4 battery packs.


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