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A zinc-based alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Salient Energy developed the water-based zinc-ion battery to have the same power, performance, and footprint as lithium-ion systems without the safety risk.


Powering EV charging stations with agrivoltaics

Oregon researchers find that placing agrivoltaic installations along highways to power EV charging stations can reduce both carbon emissions and range anxiety.


LG to source lithium from US producer

From materials to production, agreement between Compass Minerals and LGES creates US supply chain to meet high demand for EV batteries.

Alkaline batteries power off-grid home in Navajo Nation

The home chosen for the first demonstration system can use its solar system when the sun is shining and the charged battery when it’s not, even when temperatures spike well over 100 F.


How a FERC decision could unleash solar and storage deployment

FERC’s proposal could open up the interconnection backlog and pave the way for solar and storage projects to be completed more quickly, resulting in much more solar and storage being deployed, and moving us closer to meeting our climate and energy goals.


Aerial inspection of solar plants goes mainstream

Using drone and manned aircraft for fast and accurate inspection of solar assets.

Huck Finn Solar Project will be Missouri’s largest to date at 200 MW

Developed by EDF Renewables, the Huck Finn project is expected to generate $14 million for local communities.

Community solar leader New York State gets another 25.4 MW across five projects

Amp Energy, Castillo Engineering and CS Energy partner on the five projects, which are all using bifacial solar modules and fixed-tilt racking.

Lithium-ion battery fire danger causes recall of 433,000 solar LED umbrellas

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a joint recall for patio umbrellas due to fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries. overheating


Pacific Gas & Electric calls for participation in Tesla virtual power plant pilot

California residents who own a Tesla Powerwall can take part in the emergency load reduction program pilot, which could become the largest distributed battery resource in the world.


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