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Energy storage’s increasingly investment grade status

SUSI Partners has purchased a 50% stake in Macquarie Capital’s 63 MW / 340 MWh distributed energy storage portfolio located in Southern California. Included as part of this purchase is the world’s largest virtual power plant.


Wind and solar projects pump investment grade portfolio returns

Ullico has purchased part of a 1.3 GW wind+solar portfolio, originally developed and sold by sPower. The transaction, and other optimizations surrounding the portfolio, have increased the return on investment to 13% for one of the investment groups involved.

Investment grade solar power gets $362 million in green bonds

Dominion Energy has closed on a private round of bonds whose purpose is to cover the utility’s investments in 20 solar projects totaling 574 MW-AC, all of which hold long term contracts.

CCA gets Investment Grade rating for first time in United States

Marin Clean Energy, a non-profit community choice aggregation group from California, has received an ‘Investment Grade’ Baa2 rating from Moody’s.

Energy storage projects reach ‘investment-grade’ with esVolta’s $140 million debt facility

It’s not the next lithium-ion battery breakthrough that’s going to accelerate the energy storage industry. It’s not the next inflated promise from a flow battery startup, compressed-air scheme, solid-state battery research project or energy storage dream funded by Bill Gates.

Graded industrial solar project shows advantages for brownfield solar development

Shaw Industries, a building products company, is developing an industrial solar project on a steep slope grade at a carpet tile manufacturing facility in Adairsville, Ga. The project incorporates brownfield capping and artificial membrane technologies designed for landfill solar use.

New York transmission upgrades to make room for renewables

The Public Service Commission of New York State authorized 62 local transmission upgrades to eliminate constraints in delivering renewable energy.

First Solar announces $270 Million investment in R&D innovation center

Despite a less than stellar earnings report, First Solar continues to expand with new manufacturing planned along with dedicated R&D facility to increase learning and reduce downtime on commercial production lines.

Sunrise brief: Multi-day iron-air battery startup nets $450 million investment

Also on the rise: Generac to bring EODev hydrogen fuel cell power generators to North America. 50 states of solar incentives: South Carolina. And more.

Solar investments are scaling up, but inefficient O&M is weighing them down

While costs are everything in the solar industry, sourcing the cheapest O&M contract possible is a dangerous game and such short-sighted sacrifices often end up costing asset owners more in the long run.


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