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Solar advocates appeal North Carolina net metering cuts

Payment cuts to rooftop solar generation exports were in violation of state law, said the appeal.

Sunrise brief: North Carolina rulings dent rooftop solar value

Also on the rise: Over 500 MWh standalone battery storage facility enters operation in Texas. Connecticut commercial energy storage demand spurs government action. And more.

North Carolina rulings dent rooftop solar value

Net metering payments were slashed while a new efficiency incentive was also unexpectedly rejected.


Sunrise brief: North Carolina carbon plan favors gas over solar-plus-storage

Also on the rise: New electrolyzer to split saltwater into hydrogen. Solar Alliance completes 687 kW distributed generation projects in New York. And more.

North Carolina carbon plan favors gas over solar-plus-storage

The carbon plan includes substantially less solar and storage than the amounts called for by a North Carolina trade group and a citizens’ group, and similar amounts proposed by technology firms.


Albemarle wins grant to build lithium facility in North Carolina

Albemarle’s plans include the development of both the lithium concentrator and the mega-flex conversion facility, the proposed reopening of the Kings Mountain mine, and an active expansion of the Silver Peak facility.

50 states of solar incentives: North Carolina

North Carolina is ranked fourth in the country for solar installations, growth that is driven by solar supportive renewable energy portfolio standards, policies and regulations.

Toyota to invest $2.5 billion to expand battery manufacturing in North Carolina

The auto manufacturer eyes a fully electrified future, with a goal of carbon neutrality in its vehicles and operations by 2035.


VinFast receives $1.2 billion incentive package to manufacture EVs in North Carolina

The largest incentive package in state history will support a vehicle manufacturing project that is designed to reach a 150,000 vehicle per year capacity.

North Carolina court bars HOAs from banning rooftop solar

The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled to protect homeowners’ right to install rooftop solar, reversing an earlier Court of Appeals decision.


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