Array Technologies announces dual-row solar tracker upgrade


Array Technologies, a specialist in utility-scale solar tracking solutions, enhanced its Array STI H250 solar tracker with a new driveline motion transmission system, which Array said increases precision and efficiency.

The transmission system in this tracker comes from Array’s DuraTrack tracker. The company said this addition enables “effortless” removal of the driveline. This capability makes the tracker applicable for agrivoltaic installations, as the slew drives restrict the movement of each row when disconnected, which can allow passage for tractors and streamlining maintenance tasks between rows.

Other changes to the Array STI H250 include a reduced number of piles per tracker, improved east-west tilt, a wider north-south angle between rows and an integrated control system. It also can integrate with Array SmarTrack energy optimization software, designed to address specific challenges in utility-scale solar projects.

The suite includes specialized products like Array SmarTrack Backtracking, Array SmarTrack Diffuse, Array SmarTrack Automated Snow Response, and Array SmarTrack Automated Hail Response. Array said some utility-scale challenges can be undulating terrain and weather considerations, and that the new STI H250 can adjust its tilt based on the terrain, prevailing weather conditions and the specific geographical location of the installation.

Array is a 30-year-old tracker specialist that went public three years ago. In 2022, the company acquired European tacker company STI Nordland, expanding its geographic footprint. Array has since expanded into South and Central America.

Array said it is committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing, and in 2022 announced an agreement with Lock Joint Tube, a manufacturer of mechanical and structural-grade steel tubing, to secure supply from a new steel mill in Texas. Using locally sourced steel in the production of solar tubing is in response to domestic content requirements in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Lock Joint Tube also produces steel tubing for Array at a torque tube mill in South Bend, Indiana.

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