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When disaster strikes

In this guest post George Irwin of ReNew Petra explains the essential role of skilled operations and maintenance teams in both preparation for and recovery from hurricanes.

Can more solar help Texas meet peak demand?

Texas reached an all-time peak yesterday between 4 and 5 PM. A wave of incoming solar projects can help to meet the state’s intense need for power, particularly if paired with batteries.


Corporations crave solar more than ever before

Large corporations are purchasing solar in the pursuit of going 100% renewable like never before. However, while solar and wind purchase figures are on the rise, the avenues these purchases come from has changed over the past year.

Texas confirms public power’s energy storage rights

Municipally owned utilities and electric cooperatives, as of September 1, will have legal affirmation that they’re allowed to own energy storage assets – and not have to register as power generators – within the state.


ET Solar is back in the U.S. market

Six months after settling claims in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of its U.S. distribution subsidiary, the Chinese PV maker says it has signed more than 500 MW of U.S. module supply contracts.


Texas extends tax support for solar power, increases transparency

Governor Abbott has signed 86(R) / HB 3143, which extends the Section 312 economic redevelopment tax abatement law, set to expire Sept 1, for ten years.

Duke keeps rolling in 2019 with a strong second quarter

Duke Energy’s financial results for Q2 2019 results show strong earnings, driven partially by the exponential year-to-year growth of the commercial renewables sector, as well as a short-term forecast of PV development.

Wind, solar, batteries and carbon taxes in California and Texas

Researchers show how deploying 60 GW of renewables using various types of energy storage and carbon tax values in California and Texas increase CO2 reductions, while lowering electricity curtailment – but in vastly different amounts.

Duke buys a 200 MW merchant solar project in Texas

The 200 MW Holstein project holds a 12-year hedge agreement with a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. As one of the first U.S. merchant projects seen by pv magazine, it points to larger moves in the solar market.


What is rooftop solar really worth?

A new report released by Environment Texas Research and Policy Center calls on state regulators to seriously consider the vast benefits provided by distributed generation and promote it as a leading option for our energy future.


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