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South Carolina

Cypress Creek constructs 1 GW of solar in 18 months

The developer continues its nationwide expansion, building 800 MW of solar capacity in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Vermont alone.

Dominion puts online 71 MW solar project in South Carolina

The project is the largest in the state to date.

SCE&G hits solar goal three years early

Though exceedingly modest by the standard of leading solar states, the South Carolina utility reached its 42 MW state-mandated goal long before it needed to do so.


Are solar panels worth it?

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Solar Reviews CEO Andrew Sendy looks at return on investment for residential solar in various cities with very different levels of electricity costs.


What does the solar eclipse mean for solar power?

This unusual eclipse is a balancing act for energy companies.

No panic necessary: Eclipse won’t dramatically effect grid stability

Despite the significant amount of solar near the path of the solar eclipse, grid experts do not expect the 90-minute event to create reliability issues.

Turmoil in residential solar

After years of steady, relentless growth, the U.S. residential solar market is struggling with challenges on both the policy and customer acquisition fronts. And as the market diversifies away from California and the Northeast, the future is far from clear.


Report: Residential, C&I solar permits surge in Florida, Nevada

South Carolina and Pennsylvania also saw significant increases in solar permits granted, but California and Colorado both dropped by nearly 30%, according to the latest OhmHome report.

Tesla to withdraw South Carolina solar presence

The pending closure of the company’s office in Charleston is the latest sign of a changing approach to residential solar from the market leader.

Dominion to build South Carolina’s largest solar project

The 71 MW project in Jasper County will be joined by a 10 MW project, both of which the power company plans to complete by the end of the year.

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