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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico receives an influx of solar-powered help

The U.S. territory is still devastated and is struggling with basic needs, including a widespread lack of electricity. Global nonprofit OHorizons and battery company sonnen are trying to help.

Sunrun, Empowered by Light bring electricity to fire stations in Puerto Rico

The organizations will provide PV and storage to a total of eight more power stations stations, as half of the island remains without electricity.

Solar Saves Lives: The solar industry launches major hurricane relief effort

The Solar Foundation and 20 solar companies and organizations have joined forces with the Clinton Foundation, Operation Blessing and others to help bring power and clean water to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Solar survives the storms in Puerto Rico

In this op-ed Elie Rothschild of Sollega takes a look at the issue of mounting systems in extreme wind situations, such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rican Senator to USITC: Don’t kneecap our grid’s future

The possibly bright future of the Puerto Rican electrical grid could be put at risk if severe penalties are imposed on imported solar modules, said Puerto Rican Senator Eduardo Bhatia in a letter to the commission.


Amid devastation, Tesla begins restoring power in Puerto Rico

Current estimates suggest 80% of Puerto Rico is still without power, but thanks to Elon Musk’s efforts at least one children’s hospital has been able to turn the lights on.

The importance of grid resilience during severe storm conditions

In this op-ed, AES Energy Storage underscores the role that battery storage can play in making grids more secure and resilient during and after disasters.


Sunnova steps up: CEO, Puerto Rican governor discuss rebuilding island’s grid

The Texas-based residential solar company is in discussions with the governor of the hurricane-ravaged island to help rebuild its grid.

Solar rushes in to re-light hope in Puerto Rico

With more than 95% of Puerto Ricans without power, the U.S. solar industry is coming to the aid of the battered island.


sonnen to build microgrids in Puerto Rico

The company has already begun shipping energy storage systems to Puerto Rico, and hopes to have the first microgrids up and running in a month’s time.


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