Solaris Energy makes its New Year’s resolution all about environmental, social values


Heading into the new year, Solaris Energy has doubled down on its commitment to social and environmental values despite uncertain economic times. The commercial solar finance and development company is now a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Solaris will join a growing global movement of corporations who choose to legally change the status of their company in a way that requires consideration of the public interest rather than solely maximizing shareholder profit.

“Our roots are in providing our services to non-profits, municipalities, and other community organizations that benefit the public good, so it made perfect sense to embed this in our bylaws and legal structure,” stated CEO Alex Blackmer.

Solaris Energy is extending this commitment to the public benefit by also joining 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of annual revenue to support nonprofit organizations focused on the environment. This also aligns with the company’s work, which offset 21,500 short tons of harmful greenhouse gas pollutants in just the past year to play its part in the clean energy transition and climate change mitigation.

“We see our company as one connected to a broader and critical effort of ensuring a sustainable planet and future for the next generation and beyond. These steps we are taking are signaling the importance of accelerating that and refocusing on what is truly important,” emphasized Janna West-Heiss, Director of Communications & Corporate Development at Solaris Energy.

Solaris Energy is also in the process of obtaining its B-Corp certification and is continuing to find additional ways to integrate social and environmental sustainability values in its culture and work. Some other ways the company is doing this is through an environmental stipend for employees interested in making their home office more eco-friendly and setting aside paid time for staff to volunteer for causes close to their hearts.