GameChange Announces Revolutionary AutoSpace&Square™ for Solar Trackers


GameChange Solar announced the revolutionary AutoSpace&Square™ purlin jig for the Genius Tracker™ solar tracker. The AutoSpace&Square™ purlin jig reduces purlin installation time by over 50% and can be used by only one worker. In addition, the jig automatically squares and spaces purlins for perfect module spacing. This design innovation combined with the preassembled Driving Arm and other unique features place the GameChange Genius Tracker™ as the fastest installing tracker on the market.

  • We provide AutoSquare&Space™ purlin jigs custom sized for your modules free of charge
  • Reduces purlin installation time by over 50%
  • These jigs automatically square and space your purlins for perfect module spacing
  • Jig enables for only one worker needed to install purlins