Is the standalone residential solar inverter obsolete?

In this guest post for pv magazine USA, Enphase co-Founder and VP of Products and Strategic Initiatives Raghu Belur looks at the future of residential solar inverters versus AC modules, drawing parallels from the personal computing industry.


Trump’s Infrastructure Council shrouded in secrecy

On July 19, President Donald J. Trump established ANOTHER “advisory council” to deal with the nation’s infrastructure. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, according to a lawsuit, few others did, either.

Does Trump know government isn’t a feeding trough?

For someone who promised to “drain the swamp,” the president seems hellbent on filling the Department of Energy with his Wall Street cronies and walking, talking conflicts of interest.

El Paso has impressive clean energy potential, but its utility is trying to block solar’s growth

In this op-ed, Environmental Defense Fund’s John Hall argues that El Paso Electric’s recent rate proposal, including discriminatory rates for pv system owners, will undermine the city’s ability to reach its potential.


Trump now says SOLAR will pay for the Mexican wall

First it was Mexico. Then it was the U.S. taxpayer (reimbursed by Mexico). Now President Trump says he’s going to cover the wall in solar panels – generating energy and paying for itself.


Op-Ed: California Agencies Hold En Banc on Retail and Customer Electricity Choice

By the end of this year, as much as 25% of the retail load served by the investor-owned utilities (IOU) will obtain their electric generation service from an entity other than an IOU. California held a meeting to address the changing face of electricity generation.

Op-ed: The future of cleantech jobs

EnergeiaWorks Founder and CEO William Liuzza examines the incredible growth in clean energy jobs, and explores what we can expect from future trends.

Massachusetts should raise its net energy metering caps

SEIA’s Dave Gahl points out that Massachusetts’s significant solar market momentum is in danger from overly conservative net metering caps, an issue which has never been adequately addressed.

Full speed in reverse: Rick Perry presents his vision for DOE

At the Future of Energy Summit U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry gave a preview into what his tenure will be like as Secretary of Energy, including invasive federal action and support for nuclear, coal and gas, backed by pure mythology.

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