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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

NREL creates solar PV competitive test site

The test arrays will initially feature modules from three manufacturers, and NREL will publish the resulting performance and degradation rates online.

Make Solar Great Again

In the most recent election, Populist candidates issued thinly veiled calls to return to an America that makes tangible goods. But can solar be part of a manufacturing renaissance in the United States? And what would be needed to make solar in America?

BREAKING: Tesla shareholders approve SolarCity acquisition

Solar Roof and Panasonic solar panel gigafactory, here we come.


First Solar to ramp Series 6 production in 2018, lay off 1,600 workers

The thin-film maker has announced a shift in strategy which will eliminate its Series 5, reduce 2017 output to 2.2 GW, and in the process dismiss 27% of its global workforce.

SolarWorld Q3 revenue contracts

Revenue of $220 million is below both Q2 2016 and Q3 2015 despite a slight shipment increase year-on-year. SolarWorld has cut production volume and staff in the third quarter as it prepares for Q4.

SunPower results improve during Q3

SunPower reported impressive operational results, but continued losses and warned of impacts over the next few quarters as it copes with intense module price pressures.

US election: solar, renewable and climate advocates cool on Trump win

While those within the U.S. are understandably nervy after Trump’s victory, global observers have taken a more sanguine view on the potential impact of his Presidency on solar markets.

Tesla to pick up German engineering company to boost automation

It is not clear at this time if Tesla plans to apply Grohmann Engineering’s automation expertise to either the SolarCity PV module factory or its battery manufacturing in Nevada.

First Solar revenues fall, but profit and technology progress remain strong

The thin-film solar maker and developer continues to report significant increases in its module efficiency, as it moves towards more module-only sales.

JA Solar settles $1 billion lawsuit with Hemlock

Facing a lawsuit in the region of $1 billion filed by polysilicon producer Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, the Chinese Tier 1 solar company has today reached a settlement at the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

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