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Long-duration energy storage makes progress but regulation lags technology

Technologies, players and regulatory gaps in the U.S. long-duration storage market.


The Texas battery boom is helping drive the ‘summer of storage’ in the US

With two projects clocking in at 100 MW each, the Texas storage market is demonstrating that California isn’t the only state that can do big batteries.

Morning Brief: Elon Musk hints at yet another battery breakthrough, CAISO provides details on California blackouts

Also in the brief: A surge of nuclear outages in the U.S. this summer, Japan’s struggle to drive down renewables costs


SimpliPhi predicts a cobalt-free battery takeover sooner than anyone expects

pv magazine spoke with SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg to discuss why she believes lithium-iron-phosphate is the chemistry of the near future.

The battery chemistry schism is imminent

According to a new report from Wood Mackenzie, lithium-iron-phosphate is poised to overtake lithium-manganese-cobalt-oxide as the dominant stationary storage chemistry within the decade, making footholds in battery storage before moving onto EV dominance.


Morning Brief: Maximizing solar self-consumption by rethinking panel orientation, carbon-neutral beer

Also in the brief: Did we mention carbon-neutral beer? Plus drone inspection of transmission towers.


A virtual trade show in your home starring residential storage vendors

The U.S. solar and storage industry is figuring out how to exchange information without exchanging Covid-19.

Q Cells to acquire energy software startup Geli, expanding its storage capabilities to go after C&I markets

The acquisition is Q Cells’ first energy storage acquisition and marks its move into the U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) solar-plus-storage market.

A residential vanadium flow battery

Flow battery firms have typically pursued utility-scale storage projects rather than the small-scale residential applications targeted by VoltStorage.


Breaking up the patent monopoly for the benefit of batteries

The patent monopoly is at odds with the global need for battery storage technology and if this norm continues, technology will not be able to be released in time to keep up with current climate goals.

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