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ConEdison is developing a battery storage and EV charging facility

The Brooklyn facility is the first of its kind for New York, and one of many ConEdison sustainability-related projects.


Interconnection issues jeopardize New England’s clean energy goals

Legislators in Massachusetts are advocating for swift resolution in ongoing interconnection issues to help developing solar projects reach completion.

Renewables are seeing declines in cost and market value: What gives?

Cost declines are helping consumers, but producers may slow deployments as market value headwinds getting conflict with decarbonization goals.


More than a view: Here are 3 solar energy-producing windows

These companies are producing solar energy generating windows, flexible surfaces, and blinds as a creative, distributed way to meet the energy demand of buildings.

Solar energy collectors… grown from seeds!

Rice University engineers produced “near-perfect” 2D perovskite crystals for photovoltaic applications, grown from seeds.

Schneider Electric releases digital economy and climate impact report

The report outlines the climate implications expected from the increase in IT-sector electricity demand, and came as Schneider Electric introduced new technologies to address efficiency needs.

Drones, robots, and AI are changing the face of solar and wind farm inspections, literally

Robots and drones with deep learning computer vision and advanced imaging cameras are changing the landscape of inspections for renewable energy sites and associated equipment.

Non-profits get creative to expand the benefits of solar to low- and moderate-income people

Two recent initiatives in Massachusetts and New York offer examples of how non-profit and community organizations are working to extend solar’s benefits.

Roll-out solar arrays installed in NASA spacewalk

The first new ISS Roll-Out Solar Array (iROSA) has been installed on the International Space Station.

Department of Energy announces $200 million in new funding for batteries and EVs

The funds support DOE national lab efforts and create partnerships in batteries, electric vehicles, connected vehicles, and will span five years.

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