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Indiana’s solar market is still alive, for now

Retail net metering will expire in three tiers, with the first one ending December 31. The bulk of Indiana’s solar market will be in feed-in tariffs, power purchase agreements and utility ownership.

Big Sky, small solar, smaller terms

A Montana solar project that would have quadrupled the state’s installed solar has been bushwhacked in the regulatory process, putting solar and even any power plant development in the state in question.

Illinois issues RFP for utility-scale and brownfield solar

An RFP due in August for solar larger than 2 MW plus brownfield solar projects of any size. Draft program rules for Illinois community solar programs are also expected in August.

New Hampshire solar rebate program hits a granite wall

The state’s Public Utility Commission froze the program on July 14, delaying processing until at least September and putting hundreds of applications on ice.

Hawaii regulators approve HECO’s 100% renewable energy plan

After years of trying to get utilities fully on board, HECO has issued a five-year plan to double solar and renewables on the road to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2040.

You install 1600 megawatts and what do you get? Another 1600 MW!

Massachusetts has installed 1600 MW of solar three years ahead of schedule, but will the state’s next 1600 plan be as SMART? A plan has been filed and comments made, while the state’s existing solar program is getting capped out.

How much will community solar compete with residential in the United States?

Community Solar is coming at a time of PV, especially residential, market uncertainty. So far the United States is a big enough sandbox for both markets to play in.


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