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ComEd community solar tariff approved by Illinois regulator

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved the tariff despite some issues over exclusion of transmission charges.


Illinois Power Agency posts its renewable energy plan

The “Draft Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan” spells out Future Energy Jobs Act programs and SREC pricing for a Spring 2018 launch

Can energy storage replace peakers in NYC?

A new study looks at the ability of energy storage systems to replacing aging, polluting fossil fuel peak power plants in New York City and thereby make use of the future growth of local solar power


GE – Bringing good things to solar?

The American conglomerate has issued a white paper on improving solar operations. How does this fit in with their corporate strategy going forward?


Solar jobs: Progress and challenges in diversity

Two newly released reports explore diversity efforts for solar installation jobs in California and overall job growth in the Midwest.

Mandatory solar for new construction – housing killer or PV boom?

St. Petersburg, Fla.,’s call for requiring PV systems on new or extensively improved housing begs the question of its impact.


Community solar, PACE policies moving forward in Illinois

ComEd’s community solar tariff faces intervenors in regulatory approval. Meanwhile, Illinois has signed into law legislation enabling Property Assessed Clean Energy.

The future of solar in MISO

MISO plans to conduct a multi-year study of how increasing amounts of solar and other forms of renewable energy will impact its territory and how to manage expected growth.

Can PV and EVs replace XL?

A campaign has launched in Nebraska to “blockade” proposed Keystone XL pipeline with solar installations. How realistic is substituting solar and electric vehicles for oil in the coming decade?

Go west, young solar? An analysis

A rebate offered by a Missouri public utility is stirring up debate on how to use solar in addressing the vaunted “duck curve”.

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