Loanpal solar loan securitization tests the water, signals a post-Covid market reopening

“Solar loans have proven to be a resilient asset class through these turbulent times.”

US residential solar provider Vivint strengthens its liquidity position while leaving room for growth 

Instead of going to the ABS market, Vivint topped up a multi-lender revolving warehouse facility by $245 million. The debt transactions might signal a degree of lender confidence in the asset class and in Vivint during an unprecedented quarter.

Arcadia embarks on Colorado community solar push

Arcadia has partnered with Pivot Energy to develop community solar projects for homeowners and renters across Colorado, including in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Grand Junction

Record low solar PPAs in the Southwest mean ‘carbon capture is not going to save coal plants’

Recently approved solar PPAs could spell trouble for proponents of retrofitting the state’s San Juan Generating Station to capture the coal-fired plant’s carbon dioxide emissions.


Sunny places could see average solar prices of $0.01 or $0.02 per kilowatt-hour within 15 years

New research models that the price of solar will continue to drop faster than previous predictions. This would mean that building new solar would be routinely cheaper than operating already-built fossil fuel plants, even in today’s world of ultra-cheap natural gas.


Analysis of energy use during Austin’s stay-at-home order hints at a Texas summer load issue

Significant spikes in air conditioner usage during the first hot days of Austin Texas’ stay-at-home orders have signaled that this upcoming summer may be one where electric demand meets record, worrisome, levels.


Solar industry CEOs weigh-in on positive trends in Covid-impacted quarterly results

“We’ve taken how the industry would have evolved – probably in two years – and we’ve done it in a month.” — Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun

Direct cash payments for solar projects floated as a legislative solution

Solar developers, including First Solar, believe that a direct cash payments solution could keep solar projects on track and help developers monetize the ITC in the event that tax equity financing dries up.

SolarEdge reports record revenue, yet Covid looms over residential PV for the next two quarters

Even though the U.S. market is showing some signs of stabilizing, the decline in installation rates in April alone was 33%.

Enphase PV microinverters shine in Q1, share price is up 15%

Enphase Energy’s Q1 revenue exceeded expectations as the company set an all-time gross margin record and announced plans for a new manufacturing location. Enphase stock is up 15%

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