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Indoor farming gets greener via solar load aggregation

The economic feasibility of plant factories has been questionable because of energy costs. Now, customers of one containerized farm provider can opt for 100% clean energy using a subscription service.


How does your state rank on the ACEEE energy efficiency scorecard?

Many states–including some with ambitious climate goals–had to shift focus to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, a lot of energy efficiency plans were put on hold.


NYC site will host a 100 MW/400 MWh energy storage system

Under a seven-year contract with Con Edison, the utility will bid power from the battery system into New York State’s wholesale energy market.

Virginia’s legacy coal country looks to solar for economic growth

Pro-solar groups have developed a guide for how municipalities and counties can encourage solar projects in Southwest Virginia, and The Nature Conservancy is eyeing the value that solar can bring to one of its big landholdings.

Finance platform targets underserved small-scale solar projects

A spin-off of the Connecticut Green Bank, IPC is a not-for-profit investment fund that scales clean energy financing and channels investment capital to communities that need it most.

NYPA focuses on solar and storage in its 10-year plan

The New York Power Authority’s board of trustees approved a 10-year strategic plan for decarbonizing New York’s energy infrastructure. Large-scale solar and storage both figure prominently.

World’s largest residential virtual power plant coming from Alphabet-backed SIP and OhmConnect

Like Airbnb, but monetizing spare energy: “The first big step towards opening the door to a massively transactive grid.”


Michigan’s solar industry awaits order in Consumers Energy’s rate case

After Consumers Energy raised its net metering cap as a bargaining chip, some advocates see a Value of Solar study as a way to ensure that the rates that have allowed the state’s small-scale solar market to flourish remain in place.

Moody’s gives US utility issuers a transition risk wake-up call

The credit rating agency’s new CTA scores will inform Moody’s analysts, bankers and investors’ thinking about the risks and opportunities that will shape the revenues, costs and capital deployment in the U.S. power sector.

Senate confirms Clements and Christie to FERC, lengthy list of issues awaits new Commission

For the first time in nearly two years, FERC is at full strength, with the confirmations of Mark Christie and Allison Clements bringing the agency to a full five members. With Neil Chatterjee leaving in June, the agency is set to have a Democratic majority in the near future.


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