Lack of carbon pricing and uncertain policy are holding back the flow of capital to renewables

“Putting a price on GHG emissions creates an economic incentive to allocate capital toward the development of new lower-emitting technologies,” claims a report from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Avoiding rolling blackouts and solar shortfalls with real-time energy use data

Sense, a machine learning company, has found that a broader use of strategies for shifting home energy consumption can help alleviate grid strain, asserting that up to 55% of the electricity used in homes between 6-8pm is “shiftable.”


LevelTen Energy flips the switch on global PPA marketplace

For corporates with a global footprint, there is now a single place to view and compare the risk and value of each PPA available in North America and Europe.

Construction of the world’s largest apartment complex VPP fleet starts next week

Soleil Energy, the EPC arm of the Wasatch Group, is beginning construction on a revolutionary virtual power plant program located on California apartment complex rooftops — with the roofs acting as community-based peaker plants.

WattBuy launches address-level electricity cost and carbon footprint calculator

The tool is intended to help solar developers show customers their potential electricity cost savings and their carbon footprint reductions, making that customer more likely to consider the switch to solar.


Money Talks: California residents earn big bucks for easing grid strain

As California’s energy crisis rages, one company has been paying customers handsomely to to power down in times of peak strain on the grid.


Traditional O&M teams are not equipped to recover distressed PV assets after severe weather events

In the U.S., this year alone, there have been ten weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

New retail climate bonds category, patterned after WW2 bonds and designed to aid rooftop solar uptake, to debut

All of the proceeds from the $16.1 million issuance will support rooftop solar deployment in Connecticut.

Clean energy inequity can be addressed with data, coordination and policy change at the local level

Communities of color are benefiting less from new clean energy technologies, and as a result, they are paying more for their energy.

Live near a big city? Expect big utility bill spikes, thanks to Covid-19

A D.C.-based analytics company has released an analysis showing that summer electricity bills will rise by about 10% on average for households in the 13 of largest U.S. metro areas.


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