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World’s largest residential virtual power plant coming from Alphabet-backed SIP and OhmConnect

Like Airbnb, but monetizing spare energy: “The first big step towards opening the door to a massively transactive grid.”


Michigan’s solar industry awaits order in Consumers Energy’s rate case

After Consumers Energy raised its net metering cap as a bargaining chip, some advocates see a Value of Solar study as a way to ensure that the rates that have allowed the state’s small-scale solar market to flourish remain in place.

Moody’s gives US utility issuers a transition risk wake-up call

The credit rating agency’s new CTA scores will inform Moody’s analysts, bankers and investors’ thinking about the risks and opportunities that will shape the revenues, costs and capital deployment in the U.S. power sector.

Senate confirms Clements and Christie to FERC, lengthy list of issues awaits new Commission

For the first time in nearly two years, FERC is at full strength, with the confirmations of Mark Christie and Allison Clements bringing the agency to a full five members. With Neil Chatterjee leaving in June, the agency is set to have a Democratic majority in the near future.


New York is launching a $10 million program to support climate tech startups, following Massachusetts’ lead

“Because economies were shut down, we also had concerns about the companies in which we had investments, and we had to think about how we could help those companies get through the pandemic.”

Clean energy industry groups CALSSA, SEIA, ACORE mount a full-court press for recovery role and jobs

“As Congress looks to recover jobs and spur new economic activity that leads to job growth and consumer savings, they should prioritize extending and expanding the ITC for distributed clean energy,” CALSSA said.

Jigar Shah: Policy action and tech deployments needed for power sector innovation

“We’ve averaged 2.4 cents a kilowatt hour for the last six months for PPAs. That’s actually too low. I think we would be fine at 3.4 cents… I don’t think that solar and wind industries would skip a beat [without their tax incentives], and they have other policy mechanisms.”


Clean Energy Accelerator odds increase on Biden win, US net-zero grid goal

The Clean Energy Accelerator, as envisioned in legislation introduced earlier this year and late last year, pairs each public dollar with multiple private dollars to expand clean energy’s reach in the US.

Solar stocks opened strong on Biden win and vaccine breakthrough, but uncertainty lingers

The solar industry may have to certify that there is no forced labor in its value chain.

SunRun’s Q3 earnings reveal strong growth and dynamic positioning

“Order volumes have increased significantly” and Sunrun expects to grow megawatts deployed by over 20% sequentially in the third quarter.

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