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Trina Solar improves efficiency of 210 mm PERC solar module

The panel achieved a power conversion efficiency of 23.5%.

Partners turn to blockchain to expand solar module recycling

The technology is being developed in Japan and should be able to inspect solar modules to provide data on traceability and components used.


Solar on a parking structure adds a Scandinavian design flair

Soltech Energy has installed a 646 kW solar facade on a parking garage in Sweden that hosts 300 EV-charging posts.

JinkoSolar begins work on $500 million ingot and wafer facility in Vietnam

Vietnamese media claim the new factory is being built to diversify the company’s supply chain away from China and as an answer to new requirements from western countries and suppliers.

Lithium-metal battery with capacity retention of 88% over 1,000 cycles

German scientists have applied a new combination of cathodes and electrolytes to improve the stability of lithium-metal batteries. They fabricated a device with an energy density of 560 watt-hours per kilogram and a Coulombic efficiency of 99.94%.


Blue is not the new green

A new study from Stanford University and Cornell University shows that blue hydrogen can produce more greenhouse emissions than heat produced by coal and gas. The modeling classifies blue hydrogen emissions as carbon dioxide and unburned fugitive methane, as well as lifecycle emissions linked to the mining, transport, storage, and use of methane.

Recovering waste heat from solar cells using a thermoelectric generator

The device recovers waste heat from the PV unit and produces additional power.

East-west orientation? Here are two new approaches to designing your solar project

Developers say the design approach can prevent soil deterioration and still offer the same yield as south-oriented PV plants.

Got windows? Then photovoltachromics may be for you

Researchers developed a smart solar window tech based on a photovoltachromic device that is able to achieve a high pristine transmittance and to be self-adaptable to control indoor brightness and temperature.

Researchers develop a novel design for agrivoltaics

The design uses metal brackets as mounting structures, conventional solar panels, and a grooved glass plate placed between the solar panels. System costs would be around $847/kW.

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