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Australian battery materials company plans U.S. manufacturing plant

Sicona has confirmed it will develop its first commercial manufacturing facility in the United States as part of its ambition to become the biggest producer of silicon-carbon battery materials in the world.

S-5! unveils new mounting systems for rooftop solar

S-5!, a supplier of mounting systems, plans to release two new mounting components for rooftop PV systems, including a new mount that allows for module-level power electronics to be attached directly to solar panel frames.

Bluetti releases 2.4 kW portable power station

Bluetti has unveiled a new portable, weatherproof power station featuring a lithium iron phosphate battery with 1,536 Wh of power capacity and a rated output of 2,400 W.


Printed flexible solar cells for space applications

Printed flexible solar cell technology developed by Australia’s national science agency has been successfully launched into space as part of billionaire Elon Musk’s Space X’s Transporter-10 mission.


Fortescue continues U.S. expansion with new clean energy manufacturing plant

Australian mining and green energy major Fortescue has revealed plans to establish a new clean energy technology manufacturing plant in the United States, as it looks to take advantage of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Bluetti introduces new modular residential battery system

Bluetti, a U.S. solar and storage specialist, has developed a modular 7,600 W lithium iron phosphate battery system for residential settings, with 9.9 kWh to 19.8 kWh of flexible energy storage capacity.

Lightweight solar panel provides solution for rooftop installations

Australian installer UV Solar has rolled out a new frameless solar panel that manufacturer GoodWe says is 60% lighter than conventional PV modules, making it ideal for rooftops that are unable to support traditional PV and racking.

U.S. Inflation Reduction Act poses threat for Australia in green hydrogen race

Former Reserve Bank of Australia Deputy Governor Guy Debelle has warned that the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) poses a “material threat” to Australia’s push to become a green hydrogen superpower.

Redflow to build 20 MWh redox-flow battery in California

Redflow, an Australian redox-flow battery manufacturer, will build one of the world’s largest zinc-based battery energy storage systems in the United States, after signing a multi-million-dollar deal with the California Energy Commission.


Array Technologies expands solar tracker manufacturing to Australia

U.S. solar tracker supplier Array Technologies plans to set up a factory in Australia, after winning a contract to supply trackers for a 102 MW solar farm in the Australian state of Victoria.

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